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Prepare yourselves, Slingo XXXtreme will melt your face off if you let it — or, alternatively, will net you a hell of a lot of money. Think you have what it takes to handle the heat coming off one of Slingo’s wildest games yet? Then sign up to one of the best bingo sites to play it today!

Well you’re reading the right review, we’re going to be touching on everything you need to know about Slingo XXXtreme and how you can navigate these fiery waters successfully.

It’s safe to say that the heat has definitely been cranked up since the last time we played a hit new slot games Slingo title. Some of you out there might have played Slingo Extreme and are a tad bit confused.

Allow us to elaborate: Slingo clearly saw how popular Slingo Extreme was and thought “how can we make this more mental to appeal to our wilder players?”, the answer is Slingo XXXtreme.

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Slingo XXXtreme Slot Developer - Slingo Originals

Slingo Originals has been doing their own thing for a while now, something that has garnered them a lot of success and notoriety amongst online slot/bingo game enthusiasts.

There aren’t a lot of developers out there that understand what makes for interesting experiences, especially in the world of online slot gaming, where limits seemed to be capped at your own imagination. Slingo are a differed breed, trust us.

Looking to play some Slingo XXXtreme and some of the other games in their growing catalogue? Be sure to take a visit over to Umbingo, one of the best bingo sites in the world right now. Consider this one-stop-shop for all the best bingo games, no deposit bingo games and free bingo games.

If you wish to learn more about Slingo XXXtreme keep reading, we’re about to break down everything you need to know to win big. For more great Slingo slots, check out the following:

Slingo XXXtreme Slots Reels

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Playing Slingo XXXtreme Slots Games

If you thought Slingo Extreme was highly volatile, wait till you get a load of Slingo XXXtreme. We should offer a disclaimer of sorts at this point before we go any further: Slingo XXXTreme isn’t for everyone, and that’s the point. The speed in which the game moves will put some of the newer players off this one, but for veteran online gamers, this will definitely offer something spicy that they crave. For something a bit more mellow, try the Slingo Fortunes slot.

Slingo XXXtreme is unique in that you are able to purchase unlimited spins with a much grander jackpot looming off in the distance. The biggest win here sits at around £100,000, which is bonkers to think about. If you want to win this grand prize then you will need a full house, which is to cover every square on the board here. That’s 25 squares you need to check off, think you can do it?

To play Slingo Extreme slot all you need to do is select a starting bet of some kind. Go to the bottom of the screen before the start of each round to do this. Bets can be placed from as little as 20p per spin, and because this is Slingo XXXtreme, the max bet here is £100. So as you can see, plenty of ways to play this one depending on personal preference.

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Bonus Features and Free Spins in Slingo XXXtreme

  • Joker: The cheeky little joker icon you see on the board will wipe out an entire row in the column above if you can find him, cheeky lad.
  • Super Joker: The older brother of the joker we just mentioned, this icon will mark off any number on the whole grid, instantly increasing your chances of a full house right there.
  • Bad Devil: Devils are evil, avoid them. Finding a devil on the board will block potential number matches in Slingo.

Slingo XXXtreme Slot Bonus Features

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Our Take on this Online Slot

You think you know extreme? Think again. Slingo XXXtreme has proven itself one of the most volatile online slot/bingo game hybrids going these days. The fact that you can win up to £100,000 is enough for you to check this one out, maybe over at Umbingo?

Umbingo is home to all your favourite free bingo and no deposit bingo games, not to mention a lengthy list of hit online slot games. But yeah, as far as Slingo XXXtreme goes, this is definitely one of the more memorable titles we’ve reviewed this year. For more great Slingo slots, why not spin the reels of the Slingo Riches slot?