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Fluffy Favourites Instant is another online slot game in the Fluffy series from popular developer Eyecon. So far in the series we’ve had the slot games Fluffy favourites, Fluffy Favourites: Too and Fluffy Favourites: Space, and you can play them today at Umbingo, the best casino for bingo no deposit bonuses.

The cuddly characters from those games are back once again and, if you love all things cutesy and colourful, you’ll definitely want to take a look at this. Fluffy Favourites Instant is a scratch and win game available now on the best online bingo uk site around, Umbingo.

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About Eyecon- Developers of Fluffy Favourites Instant

As with the previous games in the series, Eyecon are the creators of this aesthetically pleasing title. With their wealth of experience in creating engaging modern slot games and bingo games, they hit the ground running with Fluffy Favourites Instant to provide their most bombastic scratch game yet.

Try some of these famous bingo games at Umbingo to see for yourself. They opt for the simple approach, attempting to please both new and experienced players alike. Outside the Fluffy series Eyecon have created such online gaming gems as:

As the world seeks out more online entertainment, there are more players than ever waiting to engage in some of the best online slot games and bingo games than ever before. Eyecon are a developer that really knows how to tap into that demographic and therefore are making their name known in the market.

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Fluffy Favourites Instant Gameplay and Symbols

Like the ever so Fluffy Favourites slot that came before it, Fluffy Favourites Instant conjures all of the cuddly creatures from inside of our imaginations to act as the games symbols. Now they are no longer spinning around on reels but are covered behind a scratch surface.

As the games title suggests, this is an instant win game. Gone are the slot reels from before. Now the game is 3in1 and scratch card based, with three full cards on display. Place your bet on the betting square at the right hand side of the screen to scratch and match the cuddly animals to win.

You can bet as little as 10p and still win big. On the first card, you are required to match three separate amounts of money that accumulates to a random pay out. Then on the second card we are in more familiar territory.

Like in the previous Fluffy games, it is the purple hippos that you want to match. When uncovering five of these you will earn up to 5,000x what you originally bet. Matching five of the other obscured animals is even worth doing as they pay out as well.

Ducks and goldfish pay out 100x your bet whereas the lions, panda, dragon and turtle yield their own unique rewards. The game is as easy as placing down your bet and then scratching away. The third card introduces the elusive pink elephant. Find this and your reward is a special prize.

Bonus Features and Free Spins

Of course, there are opportunities to gain free scratches for that extra chance to win more for free. With a large jackpot at stake this is of course worth a lazy afternoon’s worth of casino play. What’s more, Fluffy Favourites Instant is available on PC, mobile and Tablet so you can play wherever your heart desires.

If you want bigger prizes, then you should check out Fluffy Favourites Jackpot!

Our Verdict on Fluffy Favourites Instant Game

If you want to dip a toe into the world of online betting games, as is their staple, Eyecon has provided a childlike game full of wonder that is perfect for beginners. The types of critters seamlessly direct and teach the player how a game such as this works and, with all of its nuances and rewards, you could easily get hooked into this world.

For all of you more experienced players, there might just be enough charm here to create a new experience for you as well. Want to experience more, try Umbingo for some of the best online bingo. It’s one of the better bingo sites that provides bingo games with a similar feel to Fluffy Favourites instant. We also have fun games to offer, like Fishin' Frenzy Scratchcard!