Fluffy Favourites Jackpot

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Summary of Fluffy Favourites Jackpot 

In the online slot Fluffy Favourites Jackpot, you are given a chance to take a trip to the fairground in all of its cotton-candy-filled glory. If you have played any other slots in the Fluffy series then you will know what to expect from this slot.

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is essentially a more-polished version of the original Fluffy Favourites slot, only difference is there is a jackpot element at play here. If you have never played a jackpot themed slot before then you should know right now, you’re in for a treat.

We won’t spoil anything just yet, as there is a lot to get into and plenty of time to explain what a jackpot slot is, but essentially this slot has an emphasis on monetary gain, good times, and nostalgia with each and every spin of these reels.

The Fluffy series is Eyecon’s magnum opus in a sense, where they will always have a hit on their hands whenever they make a new slot in the series. Keep in mind that the only people who benefit in this slot are you, as this one has quite a high RTP percentage, which should be music to anyone's ears.  

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is again, a 5 reel type of affair that has a lot on offer to anyone who looks for online slots with a lot of hidden features and bonuses that will see you spinning these reels for hours on end.

There is a lot of replay value in this one, and that’s a straight-up fact. You will notice that there are never two spins the same, which is perfect for any of you out there who are looking for a little variety that will keep you spinning these reels. If you find that you like a sprinkle of nostalgia in your online slots then you will find that this slot has everything you could ever want and then some.

The theme here revolves around a classic fairground that is very bright and colourful, but you already knew that right? Be sure to check out the rest of our full written review below, we cover the basics of this free slot game and some of the more in-depth features; things every fan should know before spinning! Find this, and more great online bingo games with the best online bingo offers today!

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Expectation vs Reality when playing this casino game

It’s somewhat hard to come up with expectations for this slot considering there is already a Fluffy Favourites slot out there that is essentially identical to this one in almost every way. But what makes this one much more exciting is the jackpot edge that we’ve mentioned above.

Everything from the graphics to the gameplay elements are exactly the same as the original Fluffy Favourites, only more polished, meaning what you see here is the most up to date version of this slot that you will see and play for yourself.

You could call this slot a sequel, but we personally consider it an updated version that is fit for any player who is looking for a more fortuitous version. If you enjoy money then the reality of the situation is, this slot’s for you.  For more offers on Umbingo, check out our free bingo no deposit offer.

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot Online Slot Explained 

This slot is one that is played out across 25 fixed pay-lines, a matrix that is common-practice in a  lot of different Eyecon themed slots. A 95% RTP percentage will welcome big wins and massive cash pay-outs to those who are putting the most down with each and every spin.

In terms of theme, this slot has players matching various cuddly animal toys on a set of reels that are somewhat dull in colour. The animals themselves are very well designed, and appear to be hand-made with the intent of bringing a smile to the faces of anyone playing this slot out for themselves.

Each of these symbols do a great job in conveying the theme at play here, with each symbol representing a different numerical value depending on how many symbols you are matching within the winning pay-lines and the symbols themselves. Some of these animals do have some hidden features which will make them desirable to players who are wanting to see and do everything this slot has to offer.  

If you feel lost with all the technical info regarding slots, then you can check out our online slots guide to understand everything in more depth!

Play Fluffy Favourites Jackpot

Bonus Games, Free Spins & Bonus Features on Fluffy Favourites Jackpot 

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is full of additional features and whatnot, with an emphasis on the jackpot in its title. If you have played the basic, non-jackpot version then these features will feel very familiar. The best way to experience all of these features? Play this slot repeatedly.  

Jackpot: In slots such as this one, the jackpot element is key in separating it from the basic variant of these slots in question. The jackpot here rolls over, hence why it is such an important factor in this slot overall. This essentially means that your jackpot builds with each and every spin, and will only stop once players win it all! 

Wilds: In this slot, the pink elephant symbol is this slots chosen wild symbol. Matching this symbol will see that every symbol on the reels aside from the scatter symbol, will throw around in various different ways. Not only that, but there is a x2 multiplier at play that will increase your score once you match it outright.  

Hit or Miss 

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is a great online slot that has earned its place within the series. Jackpot slots don’t always attract attention, but when they do they are incredible, this is one of those occasions, play now the jackpot slot or perhaps the Fluffy Favourites Instant slot!

Other Games from Eyecon – the Developer of Fluffy Favourites jackpot Free Slot Machine 

Developer Eyecon is among some of the most creative minds within the industry today, their attention to detail and innovative ideas have always existed on the forefront of the online gaming industry.

The name Eyecon is a play on the word icon, which is very apropos considering how well these guys craft slots that are played by thousands everyday, spanning multiple different countries and cultures in doing so.

With each and every new release from Eyecon comes the expectation of something different. If you take one thing away from these guys, it should be their penchant for success through experimenting with themes and gameplay elements that only heighten their games.

Never will you come across a slot from Eyecon that abuses your money in hope of bleeding you dry; these guys actually care about your experience, just as much as they enjoy making money, and making the worlds that you are given a chance to explore for yourselves. Slots and bingo free games in their catalogue include:  

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