Slingo Britain's Got Talent

Slingo Britains Got Talent Review

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The game of Slingo is a mix between a bingo game and a traditional slot game. This time, the winning formula takes place on centre stage as the popular T.V gameshow, Britain’s Got Talent, lends itself to the theme.

Play Slingo Britain's Got Talent slot from 50p for eleven spins to see if you have the talent to match up the Slingo lines if you play now. This slot game has an RTP rate of 95% and medium variance. Read ahead to learn more about the game that you can play at

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Theme and Graphics

The Slingo Britain’s Got Talent slot game is based on the T.V of the same name. This means that the colour scheme is ripped straight from Britain’s Got Talent. The bright blue makes up the background, with a stage stretching across the bottom. They even manage to work the shows iconic logo into the mix.

The 5x5 grid needs to hold the Slingo numbers, so there are no interesting symbols here. To the side, players will find a purple ladder, highlighting the number of Slingo's achieved. The design of Slingo Britain's Got Talent slot is created for functionality rather than aesthetics. That is all fine, considering the type of slot game this is.

The developer behind Slingo Britain’s Got Talent slot, and every Slingo game for that matter is Slingo Originals. They have been updating their classic Slingo formula for years, implementing new features into different game versions. If T.V talent shows aren't your thing, why not try:

How to Play Slingo Britain’s Got Talent Slot Game

Slingo Britain’s Got Talent slot can be found in the Umbingo slots library. Player's that sign-up and creates an online casino account with Umbingo have the opportunity to deposit £10 and take part in our welcome offer. This bonus offer allows new players to spin the Mega Reel and try and win up to 500 free spins on Safari King (Full Ts & Cs Apply).

If this sounds like something you are interested in, or you fancy giving Slingo Britain’s Got Talent a try, register with Umbingo by:

  • Entering your details
  • Confirming your email address
  • Depositing £10 or more using one of the sites payment gateways.

Once registered, search for Slingo Britain’s Got Talent slot in the games library, or return to this page and hit ‘Play Now’. The slot game will load and bring up the grid.

To play Slingo Britain’s Got Talent slot, you must:

  • Place a wager between 50p and £100 for eleven spins.
  • The player will receive a random five numbers on their Slingo card.
  • Spin the reels to match lines horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Numbers that match those on your card will be crossed off.
  • The aim is to complete as many cards as possible with your eleven spins. A completed card is called a Slingo.

This process is the classic Slingo formula. For the variation on this gameplay, we need to look at the bonus features. First, let’s look at the slots data.

Slot Game Statistics

The Slingo gameplay is quite simple, and its stats usually follow a similar pattern. That is somewhat true of Slingo Britain’s Got Talent slot.

The RTP rate in Slingo Britain's Got Talent slot is 95%, the same as most other Slingo properties. This percentage dictates how much of the player's deposit will be returned throughout a game. In essence, players can expect to receive 95% of their overall deposit back when playing Slingo Britain's Got Talent. Then again, this stat is just an average.

The statistic that changes from other Slingo games is the betting range. This time, it is much broader, allowing players to place a bet anywhere between 50p and £100. The variance is medium, which means that Slingo's can be completed easily, but the payouts overall can range from low tier to high tier with no warning.

Check out more stats about the Slingo Britain’s Got Talent slot game; see the table below.

Slingo Britain’s Got Talent Characteristics
RTP 95%
Min/Max Bet 50p/£100
Max Win £4,000
Variance Medium
Developer Slingo Originals
Bonus Features Wilds, Blockers, Instant Wins, Free Spins

All values are subject to change at any time.

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Slingo Britain’s Got Talent Bonus Features and Free Spins

The Slingo Britain’s Got Talent slot bonus features are all par for the course, with only one major change from the traditional extras. If you have played Slingo before, you are in familiar territory. For anyone new to Slingo, the bonus features in this slot include:

  • Jokers: The joker with a red hat acts like this slots wild. Land this on a spin, and you can remove one number from the reel above. Land a joker with a green hat, and you can remove any number from the entire grid.
  • Blockers: The devil symbol is the reverse of the joker, preventing players from completing pay lines by blocking the lines.
  • Free Spins: When the ten spins have ended, the player will receive one free spin to try and earn another Slingo.
  • Instant Win: This bonus is the extra feature that makes Slingo Britain’s Got Talent unique from its predecessor. Land a coin on a spin, and it will reward players with an instant cash prize.

As you can see, other than the Instant Win feature, the bonus features do not make Slingo Britain’s Got Talent slot any different from the Slingo games that came before.

Final Thoughts on Slingo Britain’s Got Talent

It is hard to categorise the Slingo Britain’s Got Talent slot game. The Instant Win Feature and larger than normal max bet provide a deviation from other Slingo games, but it isn't enough. Sligo Britain's Got Talent feels very much like a normal Slingo title with a new coat of paint.

Try it for yourself at Umbingo to form your own opinion. For now, it is hard to recommend Slingo Britain's Got Talent to anyone other than those who are already fans of the game show.

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All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.