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Blueprint released Genie Jackpots JPK in 2015 as a follow up to Genie Jackpots Cave of Wonders, both of which consist of 5 Reels and 3 Rows. These Mystical Genie Themed slot give us the chance to make winnings from a total of 20 Paylines. Play it today at

Genie Jackpots has a Medium Volatility and a fantastic RTP of 96.49%! With those great stats we are able to take advantage of the huge betting range, starting with min bets of £0.20 and going all the way up to the lofty heights of a max bet of £1000.

With that we are able to get our hands on a max payout 1,000 the initial stake. So sign up today to check out this slot game.

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Genie Jackpots JPK Theme and Graphics

In comparison to the caves of wonder edition, Genie Jackpots JPK is significantly more simple and all for the better. We are able to get the magic that was put into Caves of Wonder without any of the tedious struggles of reading such a cluttered screen.

The symbols are well designed, particularly for a slot made in 2015, just at the beginning of mobile slots, which it is clear that this is what Genie Jackpots JPK was designed to be played on.

On top of the wilds and scatter symbol, we have a 3 high value symbols to try and get our hands on which are the two crossing swords, a classic Indian teapot and a traditional Indian headpiece. Along side these symbols, we also have the standard card deck values 10, J, Q, K, A to try and land.

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Genie Jackpots JPK Slot Gameplay

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How to Play Genie Jackpots JPK Slot

Before we can get to polishing any magical kettles, we have to first get signed up, luckily the process is incredibly simple!

  1. Hit the ‘Play Now’ button
  2. Press ‘Join Now’
  3. Provide the required details
  4. Confirm the provided email address

Then we are ready to play Genie Jackpots JPK!

After loading up the slot, we first need to decide how much we want to wager each spin, making sure to consider our strategy in this process. Once this has been done, we are ready to spin the reels and see if we can make our wishes come true!

Genie Jackpots JPK Data

In comparison to its predecessor, there has been a significant increase on the available betting range all the way up to £1,000. Which is great especially with a great RTP of 96.49%

Genie Jackpots JPK


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Genie / Magic / Fantasy / Indian

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Free Game Bonuses and Exclusive Features

Genie Jackpots has completely revolutionized the bonus system in this new release, moving away from the use of ladders and into a more modern style of bonus features and games.

3 Wishes Power Spin

Randomly the Jackpot Genie can appear from his magic lamp and award a wish, there are 5 potential wishes to be had that are as follows: Genie Win Spins, The Magic Carpet and Infectious Monkey Wilds Bonus.

Genie Win Spin

If we wrangle this bonus from the genie we will get a guaranteed big genie jackpot win!

Infectious Monkey Wilds

This bonus wilds feature means that any golden wilds on the reels will “infect” the surrounding symbols, making more wilds!

Genie Wild

The genie wild bonus feature can turn any reel position into a locked genie wild!!

5 Of A Kind

Here we get an amazing guaranteed 5 of a kind win!

Genie Jackpots JPK Slots Reels

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Overall Review Genie Jackpots JPK Slots Game

Genie Jackpots JPK is a big improvement from the previous Cave of Wonders, it plays great on both mobile and desktop with a huge variety of bonus features to take advantage of, so if you are a lover of interesting bonus games, this is perfect to get spinning.  

The graphics are a little dated now, but the thoughtful design of this slot distracts us entirely. Overall, Blueprint have create a slot that anyone who loves genie and mystical themes can enjoy, we rate Genie Jackpots JPK at 7/10. But if you want to play more slots in this series, Umbingo can offer you the Genie Jackpots Cave Of Wonders slot.