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A quacking good time if you don’t mind us saying! Umbingo, the best amongst all other bingo slot sites, is becoming the number one place for slots online.

Summary of Doubleup Ducks Online Slot Machine

Doubleup Ducks just happens to be one of the most popular free slot games in the world currently, and also one of our favourite slots to play simply because of how basic it is to just pick up and play compared to that of most other slots that exist in the market.

Eyecon have always had an eye for great online slots, and well this slot is just another example of their work manifest. Doubleup Ducks is a slot that does have a jackpot variant that one can check out also, but there is just something about the original that makes it so darn fun!

Doubleup Ducks is a 5 reel by 25 pay-line slot, and so too is this one. This slot is packed full of interesting themes and colours that is sure to get you excited for each and every spin. If you like ducks then you might like this slot also, which might sound stupid, but we aren’t kidding when we say that there are so many ducks in this slot for you to find, and even match on the reels.

Eyecon clearly have yet another hit on their hands, as this slot looks to be making the same traction as other slots in their wide and storied catalogue. Be sure to check out the rest of our written review below to find out more!

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Expectation vs Reality on Doubleup Ducks

Doubleup Ducks is one of the funner slots in the Eyecon catalogue. Of-coruse there is always going to be comparisons to that of the Fluffy slots, but that then shouldn’t mean that one avoids this slot altogether. These ducks do quack when you are matching symbols in the most giving ways possible.

There are many reasons for you to play this slot, but you are just going to have to trust us on this one as this is more of a feeling than an actual reason. Check out this slot for yourself to find out more!

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Playing Doubleup Ducks Online Slot

This slot is one that takes place at a carnival. If you’ve ever played the hook a duck game before then you will know what kind of vibes that Eyecon are going for. In terms of looks, this slot is identical to that of the original, if not more crisp given that it has had time to be refined to fit this more jackpot orientated fix.

Symbols in this slot take the shape of various different animals, similar to that of Fluffy Favourites, an online slot from Eyecon also. Each of these symbols offer something different depending on how you happen to be stringing together victories.

The more you play the higher your scores will be, which means that your cash-pay-outs will grow also. We should state at this point that in order to play you will need to set your bet amounts and whatnot beforehand. This can be achieved at the bottom of the screen by using the arrow keys accordingly.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features available in Doubleup Ducks Casino Game

All of the bonus features you see in this slot have been hand-picked to give you the most extensive experiences possible with each and every spin. We would recommend that players first start this slot by having a quick glance at the pay-table, this will allow one to get an idea for which symbols do what and which ones to look out for.

The more you play the more features one will find. Remember that each of these features offer something different depending on what symbols you are matching initially.

Wild: Wild symbols here work in all the same ways that you’ve come to expect. Wilds will substitute for all other symbols bar the scatter, wilds also come with quite a nice pay-bump also.

Duck Shooter: Free spins in this slot come via the duck shooter mini game. Matching the scatter symbols will unlock this mini game that will add additional multipliers to your scores. These free spins can be re-triggered, making them incredibly useful in earning the most money possible.

Hit or Miss?

Doubleup Ducks is one of the most popular online slots going today simple because of how imaginative it is compared to some of the other dull and drab slots out there presently.

If you have never played an Eyecon slot before then why not start off right and play this one!

Other Games from Eyecon – the Developer of Doubleup Ducks video slot

Developer Eyecon is among some of the most creative minds within the industry today, their attention to detail and innovative ideas have always existed on the forefront of the online gaming industry. The name Eyecon is a play on the word icon, which is very apropos considering how well these guys craft slots that are played by thousands everyday, spanning multiple different countries and cultures in doing so.

With each and every new release from Eyecon comes the expectation of something different. If you take one thing away from these guys, it should be their penchant for success through experimenting with themes and gameplay elements that only heighten their games.

Never will you come across a slot from Eyecon that abuses your money in hope of bleeding you dry; these guys actually care about your experience, just as much as they enjoy making money, and making the worlds that you are given a chance to explore for yourselves. Slots in their catalogue include:

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