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Introduction to Jungle Jim - El Dorado Slot

The Jungle Jim - El Dorado is an unparallel video slot when compared to the ones you've been playing. You may think it's familiar because of the apparent jungle theme which some other slots feature, but it's not as dull as the monkey-bar swinging playground type of casino game. Jungle Jim - El Dorado is more age-appropriate and fun!

Also, if you have any knowledge about El Dorado, you’ll know it’s a name synonymous with wealth, so there’s many priceless jewels and gold to go round. To create more vivid imagery of what you stand to gain from playing this video slot, as well as what the theme and title are about, let’s take a quick dive into the story of El Dorado. Before you get started view our blogs on slot topics and bingo terms, like the bingo games, numbers and more!

The Eldorado story originated from the old Spanish Empire, where folklores of the Muisca people from Columbia, and a mythical tribe chief were told. Tales described the tribal leader (called Zipa) of the Muisca people who lived in the affluent city of El Dorado, as a wealthy and generous man who covered himself from head to toe in gold dust and dipped himself in Lake Guatavita which was in the north-eastern part of Bogota, central Columbia.

Guatavita lake is assumed to be a sacred site to the Muisca people as legend has it that their forefathers' people threw priceless gold ornaments into the lake as offerings to the Zipa chief. Many people have since attempted to drain the lake as they sought after the city of gold. Well, you won’t be needing to go on any gold hunt literally, because the Jungle Jim El Dorado Slot brings all the gold to you. 

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Microgaming - The Developer of Jungle Jim El Dorado Online Slot

Microgaming is the magic hands behind the Jungle Jim El Dorado video slot game. And in similarity to many other best online bingo and video slot games by Microgaming, Jungle Jim El Dorado is quite famous and catches the interest of rookie and expert players alike. 

The technology provider is a privately held one located in the Isle of Man and claims to have being the first company in the world to create an actual online casino software in 1994 and presently supplies its hi-tech gaming content to multifarious online gambling brands all around the world, including LeoVegas, Bet365, 32Red, 888 Casino.

There is no opposition to the claim that Microgaming is a big player in the casino industry as they have paid out more than $100,000,000 in progressive jackpots from inception till present!

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Jungle Jim El Dorado Slots Gameplay - What to Expect

Jungle Jim El Dorado is equipped with exciting features that increase the possibilities of cashing out reasonable sums, and the graphics are both jaw-dropping and captivating.

The Jungle Jim El Dorado slot game features five reels, three rows, and 25 fixed pay lines, which are all yours to play across. As you can tell from the introduction, the game theme surrounds the quest for the mythical lost city of gold, and also offers you, Jungle Jim, himself to chum with you on this quest.

Success is almost guaranteed with the presence of Jim on the reels the whole time, along with many other jungle-themed game symbols to cash out from. Find the best promotions on Umbingo, such as our 500 free spins for slots or the free bingo no deposit!

The game has an intriguing background design that enables you to view the depths of a jungle and the ruins of El Dorado as you play. Keep an open mind to find out what is in store because the game uses transparent reels, which many players believe to be a fantastic effect, and allows players to look deep into the woods. 

When playing the Jungle Jim El Dorado slot game, bettors will discover the travel route to the lost city, which will take them into a different game screen with a single room paved with gold.

You have found the legendary El Dorado! Throughout the game, players will see symbols with a treasure hunt theme roll around the reels. The symbols include realistic-looking gemstones that'll catch your eyes, indigenous golden ornaments, emeralds, rubies, and chests filled with gold coins.  

Jungle Jim El Dorado Free Spins and Extra Features

The game features cascading reels, which Microgaming popularly calls rolling reels, and are basically where your existing wins roll downwards. They are then switched to new symbols, which will fall from the top of the reels like an avalanche.

The Jungle Jim El Dorado has some things in common with other slot games. Some of the similarities include getting rewarded with a bonus round when a player gathers three or more of the scatter symbols and the possibility of re-triggering a free playing round if they keep getting three or more of the scatter symbols!

Players can also take advantage of an increasing multiplier called Multiplier trail on the Jungle Jim El Dorado slot as the game’s multiplier offers players anything from a 1 x to 5 x multiplier. The multiplier starts at one for the first spin, then improves to 2 x on the second spin, and upwards till it reaches 5 x.

If a bettor is fortunate enough to trigger a fourth winning spin at once, they will get a 5 x multiplier. I must add that the Multiplier Trail is a smart feature, and is even more fantastic when combined with the free spins. The most exciting thing about the Multiplier trail is a chance it offers players to win a massive 3,680 x their bet because of the possible 15 x multiplier.

Jungle Jim El Dorado slot gameplay

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Jungle Jim El Dorado - Our Verdict

Perfect for people who are fascinated by video slot games featuring high-quality graphics, the Jungle Jim El Dorado Slot has visuals that are quite compelling. Players will also crack a smile at the sight of the assistant, Jungle Jim. Likewise, the sound in this game is captivating, as the audio arguably offers a separate level of entertainment to lovers of good sound.

Conclusively, the game is excellent to look at and fun to play, so get ready for enjoyable and straightforward gameplay. This can only happen if you're excited enough to try Jungle Jim El Dorado. Do you need to make some cash and get your adrenaline pumping? Try the Jungle Jim El Dorado video slot or other online slot games!