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Lucky Stars Bingo is an interactive bingo no deposit game that is ideal for all bingo-enthusiasts. The game offers the regular straightforward bingo gameplay, but thank your lucky stars, as the game provides massive wins on the table. You can play best online bingo like Lucky Stars Bingo now at Umbingo, and many more best online bingo games.

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Bingo Variants

Lucky Stars Bingo offers the standard bingo gameplay. This means that the game also provides the different variations of bingo for players to enjoy. Bingo is one of the most exciting casino games with different types that you can enjoy, but you could also try slot games at Umbingo if that is more your thing!

First, we have 90-ball bingo. As the name implies, all the numbers on the card are between 1 and 90. This is the most popular bingo variant often seen as the classic version of the game. 90-ball bingo is played on nine rows and three columns.

There are 15 numbers on the bingo card with some free squares. It makes it easier to create winning combinations. 90-ball bingo cards are usually sold in sets of six. 90-ball bingo games offer two other prizes apart from the Full House. You can enjoy wins for when you daub all the numbers on one or two columns.

Then, there is 80-ball bingo which is quite similar to the 90-ball version. Just like 90-ball bingo, it offers numbers between 1 and 80. The bingo card is made up of four rows and four columns, and each of the columns usually features different colours.

This means that there are 16 numbers on the card out of 80. It features more winning patterns than 90-ball bingo, which means more chances to get prizes apart from the Full House. There is the Single Line Win which is made when you get all the numbers in one direction, and the Four Corner Win which you get when you get four numbers in all four corners.

Next, we have 75-ball bingo, which is also quite popular. The layout of 75-ball bingo features five rows and five columns on the bingo card. Some 75-ball games have 25 numbers while others have 24 numbers with one free square in the middle of the ticket.

All the five columns of the 75-ball variant have B, I, N, G and O written above them. The game offers different winning combinations which are quite impressive. For one, you can make combinations in the form of letters. There is also the Double Line.

Lastly, 30-ball bingo is the fast-paced variant of this popular game. The game is very fast because it offers only three rows and three columns, so the operator only calls nine numbers out of 30.

You can play all the variants of Lucky Stars Bingo now at Umbingo and grab the chance to enjoy bingo games today.

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Lucky Stars Bingo is an interactive game that gives you the chance to thank your lucky stars. As you play this game, you can receive big wins and more. Increase your chances of winning with the free bingo no deposit offers in Umbingo! Start playing top bingo games like Legends Jackpot Bingo today.