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A classic game of cops n robbers that we think you are going to enjoy for all the right reasons! If, however, you prefer free slot games you are still on the right place.

Summary of Beat The Bobbies video slot

In Beat the Bobbies from developer Eyecon, the clues are within the title. In this slot there is an emphasis on committing crimes and fully capitalising on the money that you make as a result. If you are someone who has played any of the many Eyecon slots that there are out there presently, then you will know that there is a clear emphasis on theme and execution.

If you are looking for a slot that is incredibly immersive, one that takes you places in more ways than one, then you will find that this slot harbours everything you could ever want and thensome. Keep in mind that the more you play the more you will earn, so it pays to be rude in this occasion and this occasion alone.

This slot is a 5 reel type of game that boasts around 243 different ways of coming out on top on these reels. It goes without saying, but the more you play, the more you will ultimately see and experience for yourself.

With a slot such as this one, there is a clear emphasis on theme that should see you spinning for hours on end, which is a good thing trust us. In Beat the Bobbies there is always going to be fun and whatnot, you need only spin for a certain amount of time to see this manifest.

Which side you happen to choose will be the difference between small wins and big ones, so remember that whether you side with the cops or robbers, you make the smart choices. Be sure to check out the rest of our full written review below to find out more, or check out our 2020 free bingo sites games.

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Expectations vs Reality in regards to Beat The Bobbies Online Casino Game

We consider ourselves as slightly biased when it comes to this slot to be honest. Beat the Bobbies is an Eyecon slot, and we know that we love them as a developer so you could say that we went into this slot with quite a bit of optimism.

In short, this slot is incredibly fun to play on multiple different levels. Beat the Bobbies just so happens to be one of the most played online slots going today, which is not something that a lot of developers can state outright with their slots. Developers like Eyecon just get it, which is why we will always check out their online slot offerings whenever the chance should arise.

Betting on Beat The Bobbies

There is a very clear UK influence within this slot, so much so that you could basically call it an English slot through and through. If you are someone who wants to absorb culture, then there is no better teacher than this slot.

We would encourage players to always look at the pay-table before they go about spinning the reels in a more professional sense. The symbols you see here all differ in scores and whatnot, so essentially you will be wanting to get a leg-up on this slot before you get a chance to spin these reels for yourself.

Symbols here are matched in the same left to right orientation that you should be used too now if you have played any number of slots from this developer in the past. Each of these symbols offer something different in terms of scores also, meaning the more you match the higher your score will be overall.

Each of these symbols represent a different character from this slots chosen universe. It really is quite a cast of characters let us tell you that right now!

Bonus Games and Bonus Features available on Beat The Bobbies Slot

If you know Eyecon, then you know already that they love using various features here to help pad out their slots. In this one there is quite a few features here to help you in getting the highest scores possible. Remember that the more you play the more you will see, so it might be worth experimenting with a style that fits you.

Wilds: Wild symbols are common in most slots from this developer, and are used in getting some of the highest scores on the board simply through causing a chain of features that offer multipliers.

Scatters: Scatter symbols are brought into this slot through the matching of the wild symbols exclusively. Scatters are unique in that they will cause free spins to fill the board.

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Hit or Miss?

If you were looking for a fun crime caper that is full of fun and a few laughs then we highly encourage you check out Beat the Bobbies for all the reasons we have stated in this review.

Remember, crime doesn't pay, but in this slot you could make an argument against that. More slot and bingo games here!

Other Games from Eyecon – the Developer of Beat The Bobbies

Developer Eyecon is among some of the most creative minds within the industry today, their attention to detail and innovative ideas have always existed on the forefront of the online gaming industry.

The name Eyecon is a play on the word icon, which is very apropos considering how well these guys craft slots that are played by thousands everyday, spanning multiple different countries and cultures in doing so. With each and every new release from Eyecon comes the expectation of something different.

If you take one thing away from these guys, it should be their penchant for success through experimenting with themes and gameplay elements that only heighten their games.

Never will you come across a slot from Eyecon that abuses your money in hope of bleeding you dry; these guys actually care about your experience, just as much as they enjoy making money, and making the worlds that you are given a chance to explore for yourselves. Slots in their catalogue include:

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