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If your favourite table game of all time is NetEnt, then you are in the right place. There’s nothing better than taking a spin on the wheel and enjoying true European Roulette by NetEnt; if you don't fancy this though, why not check out these free slots games to play instead?

Online roulette means you don’t get to be physically at the table, feeling all the emotions and adrenaline, but you’ll find that it paints the illusion too real such that there is little to complain about. If you are a Roulette fan who’s never tried European Roulette, then there’s no time like the present. It’s totally different from American Roulette, yet the detail in itself is very tiny.

Whereas European Roulette has a single 0, American Roulette has two 00. Read on to find out why you should check out NetEnt European Roulette.

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Playing European Roulette - Introduction

European Roulette by NetEnt is based on the usual European mode of playing roulette. The table shows the roulette wheel lying directly above the table itself, so you don’t have to keep changing screens all in a bid to keep up with the game.

NetEnt is known for their use of killer graphics and those on offer here are no different. They’ve done their best to give this classic game a modern twist. If you think of it, there’s not much you can do to jazz up a roulette table, but NetEnt does their best to give it a bright green touch, you can view it clearly and you won’t have to struggle just to see where numbers are indicated or how you can place bets. Get free spins when you sign up at Umbingo! The best bingo sites for various casino games!

The best way to start the game is by having a go at it in free demo mode first. You’ll be able to see how you will select your chips, how to place one or more bets on each spin of the wheel as well as assess the other features on offer in the game. This saves time later when you would have had to go through confusion not knowing where is what.

NetEnt European Roulette is an easy game to play and will make for an enjoyable slot for beginners. There will be a number of options indicated on either each side of the chips located at the bottom of the screen. The one on the far left opens up the paytable, and it ends up revealing the odds on each type of bet. These range from a straight bet to the corner and six-line bet, then the even/odd, red/black, 1-18 and 19-36 bets. The odds will go from 35/1 to 1/1 depending on the positions you choose.

You can click on the paytable to access statistics, the racetrack and your favourite bets. You can also choose to rebet if you decide to replay your last bet. Of course, the alternative is to make new ones. Once you click on a button and manage to reveal the paytable or any other similar feature, you have to click it again to exit.

  • Racetrack feature - there’s a racetrack feature located above the main table that includes voisins, tiers, orphelins and zero bets. When you hover over each of the words and take a peek at the main table, you’ll get to see where you will be making the bets. (If you try the demo mode for free, you will be able to see how all these features work.)
  • Statistics feature - the Statistics feature shows players which numbers are either hot or cold (i.e. they appear more or less than usual) and whether black or red and evens and odds appear often as compared to others. It could help you adjust your bet differently for the next spin. The cold/hot section appears on the right side of the roulette wheel.

Another awesome feature in the game is that you can hover a chip over a particular area on the table and see the max and min bet amounts displayed. Give it a try to see what maximum bet you can get on a particular number or combination. E.g. a single number usually has a minimum bet of £1 and a maximum bet usually has one of £10. Betting on black or red yields totally different results where there is the same minimum bet and a maximum bet of up to £500.

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About the Developer of European Roulette Casino Game - NetEnt

NetEnt is an UK slot games software company that was launched in 1996. Their main headquarters are located in Sweden. When NetEnt was formed, the company was known as Net Entertainment and they operated a handful of casinos. They ended up dropping both the name and casinos and eventually chose to focus on online casino games only. 

NetEnt has a license to operate in Malta and has a fully verified casino module that operates on randomness. They are fully licensed and regulated by two independent third-party companies, one located in Canada and another in Sweden. NetEnt has come up from humble beginnings and risen to become the best online slot developer in the world, managing to overtake industry giants like Novomatic, IGT and Microgaming. NetEnt slots are very popular in the UK and most of Europe.

They also operate in regulated markets like New Jersey. The company tends to avoid legal issues and keep out of jurisdictions considered tricky to gamble. Examples include Canada, France, and a few states in America. In these areas, online gambling is either fully prohibited or still unregulated.

In 2016, the company began to expand and moved into the land-based space with them opening betting shops in the UK. Play their games and bingo no deposit at Umbingo today!

Final Review on European Roulette - Hit or Miss?

There is also a selection of chip values located at the bottom of your screen. The smallest chip value is set at £1, with just four values appearing on your screen at a time. Use the arrows appearing on the left and on the right of the chips to find more values.

The highest chip on there can cost up to £500. You can also use several chips on every spin of the wheel. The game has a Return to Player % of 97.3%. The biggest prize on offer is what you get from a correct straight bet. It pays 35/1.

This is also the total win amount possible depending on the chip value you set. Look for it anywhere you like to play online table games. Play fanastic slot games on Umbingo, like the Gold Rush.