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Review of Friday Fun

Bingo game has been popularized by the advent of electronic and online bingo games. I mean, the typical bingo halls have been fantastic from the start, but the fun, thrills, and captivation they offer is no match for online bingos, so click and play top bingo here.

This has seen a very significant surge in the patronage received by online bingo games, particularly in online casino sites. Perhaps one of the most significant reasons for this is that at bingo halls, the calling of numbers is usually very fast.

So, most players may not be able to cross off their numbers at the same pace as the caller. Things are specially made difficult for players when they have up to 2 or more cards, as they have to shuffle between them, locate their numbers, and scratch them off as fast as possible. The case is quite different when you play online, as the Autoplay system helps you select your wager and plays until the set wager is complete.

Also, the Autoplay system locates your numbers and scratches them off your card as soon as they are called. The system also selects your cards that are close to getting called and pushes forward, for you to have complete attention.  check out modern slot games

As everyone already knows, free online bingo is one of the most palpable reasons for most players. Also, nothing quite beats the seamlessness of playing right from any location of your choice.

Friday Fun is a unique, exclusive, and classy bingo room series aimed at offering players their money's worth and immersing them in endless fun. Aside from the fun it promises, players are in for some great wins every week on Friday Fun. Join us as we discuss Friday Fun in the following paragraphs, as you can also play on Umbingo after reading.

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Jumpman Gaming – the Providers of Friday Fun

Friday Fun is provided to bingo enthusiasts by Jumpman Gaming, a foremost software entity in the industry. Jumpman Gaming is a software company that focuses its strength on providing online slots and online bingo games via its extensive casino network.

Jumpman Gaming has up to 24 casino sites and 153 partner sites, all of which provide players with outstanding gaming solutions. The company was founded in 2009 with a proven knack for revolutionizing and reshaping the face, outlook, and business model of online casinos in the UK and beyond.

The company's partnership with several sites has continued to do frat wonders for the partner sites while staying true to its vision. Based in the United Kingdom, Jumpman has B2C and B2B offerings with full license by Alderney and the United Kingdom.

One feature that has led to the widespread success of Jumpman Gaming is its concentration on slot and bingo games. With just these two categories on offer, full might, attention, and effort are deployed toward ensuring the best of these games are offered to players at all times. 

Following the resounding ingenuity displayed by Jumpman Gaming to this moment, check out modern slot games operated by Jumpman Gaming:

  • Umbingo;
  • Wizard Slots;
  • Viking Casinos;
  • Zeus Bingo;
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  • Sugar Spins and several others.

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Friday Fun Gameplay and Symbols

As already pointed out, Friday Fun is a special bingo room exclusive to casino sites operated by Jumpman Gaming, such as Umbingo. There's a saying that Friday is a day for fun and unwinding; well, Jumpman Gaming has cast some life to that saying.

The first game was played on 29th May, at which time it garnered massive attention from players. Friday Fun is played only on Fridays at 8 pm and provides a veritable platform for players to unload their worries while delving deep in fun.

Friday Fun bingo room is a proper place to be on Fridays, with a lot of winning on offer to players here. The game provides as much as 2,500 Pounds in real cash up for grabs every week – which means lucky players can win up to 10,000 Pounds every month. The range of prizes that can be won are as follows:

  • FH: 1,000 Pounds;
  • 2L: 500 Pounds;
  • 1L: 300 Pounds.

In addition to the above, Friday Fun is made more exciting by an array of TG prizes, which provide many players with the chance to win as much as possible. Accordingly, the following TG prizes are available for grabs:

  • 1TG: 250 Pounds;
  • 2TG: 150 Pounds;
  • 3TG: 100 Pounds;
  • 4TG: 100 Pounds;
  • 5TG: 100 Pounds.

The game is a classic bingo game that adheres to the typical rules of bingo, so players would have to expect the same when they visit this bingo room. As a first step, the purchase of a ticket entitles players to the game as they can place bets within the range stipulated by Jumpman Gaming.

The game has balls or numbers ranging from 90, 80, and 75 on a given ticket, from which players number are called. Players have to note that the number of balls might determine how much is to be wagered by them.

Upon placing their bets and getting their tickets, the calling of numbers ensues with various numbers called out by the caller (machine in this case). This is where the game gets really interesting, as players have to mark off their numbers that are called out by the computer. For 90 ball games, players would have a 1-Line win, 2-Lines win, or a Full House win as the case may be.

With respect to 80 ball games, players typically get a 1-Line win, 2-Line win, or a Pattern win. As for 75 ball games, players can make 1-Line wins, 2-Line wins, or a Cover win, that sees all numbers on the ticket marked off. With the above in mind, winning won't be difficult as a lot of them await you when you play online bingo games on Umbingo now!

Last Thoughts on Friday Fun

Friday Fun is a bingo room that provides players with exquisite gameplay and wins. The game has been primarily designed to offer a huge style of the usual bingo game, but with some variations to keep players glued to the room.

Thus, it would be a really thrilling adventure playing Friday Fun, because as the name implies, nothing beats Friday funs! Play the game and other free online bingo as well as amazing slots like the Fishin' Frenzy Jackpot King slot on Umbingo now and win massively!