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There have been many changes to the way in which we gamble as a community over the years. The biggest change came when the transition was made between brick and mortar casinos to the online space. Now, the amount of players moving from land casinos to online casinos is rising by 3% each year.

The most popular of these casino games are online slot games. They take up almost 48% of all gambling activity online over other games such as bingo, poker, roulette and casino game shows. That is huge.

But another change has come in recent years. That is the arrival of the smart phone. Smart phones are owned by almost everyone and have the capability of accessing the internet from anywhere at any time. That means that we can use our phones to access online casino sites and play all of the casino and slot games that we want, wherever we want.

As technology advances, so too does the way we pay and play online slots. With mobile phone slots, things are changing yet again. Now we have the Pay by Phone Casino. What is that? I’m glad you asked.

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What is a Pay by Phone Casino?

The idea of the online casino was to allow players to play casino games and no deposit bingo bonus from their PC. It was usually the same old games that were digitised and put onto casino sites. They have fruit machines, slots, blackjack etc.

Now we have what is called a phone casino which is a little different. Now, when you visit an online casino that designs its casino games to be played on mobile, the games have been adapted to suit the medium. To re-create the casino experience.

Pay by mobile casino phone slots can take place over many screens. That means more bonus rounds, bonus spins and special features. This means that there is more variety to the games and they are designed to be played on a smaller screen. Slot developers now have free reign to create the slot games that they really want.

You can also use a phone casino to partake in live casino games and the best online bingo with anyone else in the world, just so long as they are logged on to the same casino site. No longer do players have to sacrifice the traditional social experience when playing casino games online. You can play with friends or complete strangers, it is up to you.  This is becoming the go to way to play at a casino for players aged 18 to 24.

Not only are mobile phone casinos bringing something new and fresh to online casinos but they are also recreating traditional experiences. But the phone casino only gets better. Let’s discuss one of the biggest benefits of the mobile casino and that is the pay by phone bill way to pay.

What is the pay by phone bill method?

In order to pay to use a slot game, players are required to make a deposit. This is done online by paying the casino via an online casino account that new players required to set up when registering with an online casino. With the pay by phone bill method, that is a thing of the past.

Now, players can elect to pay for their online slots by using their phone bill. It is easy to do and even easier to understand. When you play slots with the pay by phone bill method, all of the money that the player uses as a deposit on a slot game is added to their phone bill at the end of the month. It is that simple.

This means that players no longer need to keep making individual payments when playing slots. It is all combined into one payment sum and is a major benefit to slot players for many reasons.

First, there is no need to sign up to an online casino to play. This means that you do not need to give your personal information or bank details to an online casino site in order to play slots. You just hit pay by mobile and away you go.

Secondly, it isn’t just fixed to mobile casino sites either. You can use the pay by phone bill method to play slots on your PC and if you have a landline phone. As long as you are receiving a phone bill, you can pay via phone bill to play slots. Of course, it is always a good idea to check the terms and conditions of your phone bill provider.

Mobile network providers that already allow the use of pay by mobile deposits include:

  • EE
  • Vodafone
  • Virgin
  • O2
  • And more

Why not join the growing community of mobile slots players and check to see if you could be using the pay by phone bill method to play your slots.

Safety and Security with Casinos on your phone

The biggest benefit to the Pay by mobile deposit is obviously security. As I mentions above, an online casino does require your personal information and bank details in order for you to make a deposit. Casino sites do try and uphold the tightest of security measures but there is always the possibility that someone breaks into the server.

If you are using a pay by phone bill deposit, this won’t be an issue. The online casino does not have your individual bank details. Therefore, anyone that decides to hack into an online casino will not get your information. It is that simple.

The pay by phone method works wonders for anyone that is concerned about security online. All you need to do as a responsible player is ensure that you have a secure internet connection before you pay.

Let’s look at how pay by phone bill stacks up against other ways to make a deposit.

Other common deposit methods

Now, if you are familiar with online casinos or gambling in general, you will be aware of the many different ways to make a deposit. For those uninitiated here are some other payment methods:

  • Debit Card- pay for slots by typing in your card details and having your money taken out of your bank account.
  • PayPal (or other third party sites) - add the money that you wish to use at an online casino to a third party site. That way you can make a deposit or withdraw your winnings using a middle man. This way the casino site does not get your card details.
  • Real money- it might sound obsolete now but you can still visit a brick and mortar casino to deposit and play slots. Of course, this does mean that only you have your details and there is no faffing between other people to get your winnings.

Now, let’s look at how each of these compare to Pay by mobile. With a debit card deposit you are faced with all of the security issues that I highlighted earlier. When you choose to use a third party site like PayPal, there is usually a waiting period for transferring your money. Using real money kind of removes all of the benefits of using an online casino, doesn’t it?

By using Pay by phone bill you can securely make a deposit, pay and play immediately and enjoy all of the benefits and more of online casino sites.

Ways to utilise the pay by phone method

As you may be aware already, there isn’t just one way to pay for your phone. Can I use any method to Pay by phone? The answer is, yes. You do not need to be tied to a phone contract to make a casino deposit. You can take advantage of other mobile phone plans such as:

  • Pay as you go
  • Phone credit
  • Using a landline phone bill
  • Text message plans

As long as you are paying to use a mobile phone, there is a way to use a pay by mobile casino. It is so easy to set up and start it seems that everyone is hopping on board with this way to pay and play online slots.

A rising trend with mobile gambling

It is not hard to see why mobile casinos are so popular .There are so many benefits and ways to access the internet via your phone it becomes almost more of an effort not to gamble this way.

It has been reported that almost 44% of online gamblers choose to play casino games on their mobile phone as opposed to PC or tablet. That is nearly half of all online gamblers and the number is rising.

But why? Of course, convenience is a large factor but there must be something more. A slot game on mobile phone takes the form of an app. Not only is it easier to access on the phone rather than logging into a site, but this too runs parallel with why players choose to gamble on their phone.

The amount of smart phone users has risen by 39%. It stands to reason then that mobile casino games are growing in popularity because people have the device necessary to play them. They do not need to walk to a casino or stay put at a PC. They can gamble and play slots in between checking social media or other sites.

Now that the amount of smart phone users in a population has reached 78% and is expected to increase by a further 23% in the next two years, it seems that pay by mobile casinos are on track to becoming the most used method of playing slots online.

With all of these benefits to mobile slots and its growing popularity, there is one potential downside however, that may put new players off.

Can I withdraw my funds using my phone?

As established, the pay by phone payment method is a great, safe and secure way to deposit and play slot games at an online casino. Unfortunately, it does come with a major downside you may have already considered. You cannot withdraw the money that you win using pay by phone bill.

This does not mean that the money you win on slots games is invalid when you gamble using this method. When you make a deposit with your phone bill and win on a slot, it is still a legitimate win and that money is yours. What is does mean though, is that this money is not taken off of your phone bill when you withdraw in the same way it is added when you make a deposit.

What this means is that you will need to find another way to withdraw your winnings. You can do this by registering with the casino site and letting them pay you directly. This will mean that you will still need to add your personal information or card details for this transaction to work. That does nullify some of the security benefits that we spoke about. However, there is another way.

Remember the third party account that I mentioned earlier? It is possible for you to make a deposit using your phone bill and receive your winnings via PayPal. This way, you are getting all of the security benefits of the pay by phone payment plan, and do not need to wait around to deposit and play slots like you would normally with a third party money site. You get the best of both worlds.

So, yes. Sadly it is true that you cannot withdraw your winnings from a casino site using the pay by phone method. But there are ways around this flaw that ensures that you can get all of the benefits from pay by phone and remain safe and secure.

Rewards on Pay by Mobile Casinos

Let’s get back to more of the positives of pay by phone casinos. Did you know that there are mobile casinos that will reward you for plays slot on your phone?

It is true. Just like regular online casinos, when signing up to play at a mobile casino, new players are gifted with a slew of welcome bonuses. This is because they want to ensure that players chose their casino to play slots and other casino games. That means they will give players certain bonuses just for signing in to play. These welcome bonuses include:

  • A certain amount of free spins
  • A free deposit bonus
  • Bonus spins
  • Matched deposit bonuses
  • Merged offers of both a free deposit and free spins

It is hard to see a downside to all of these great bonuses. You are literally being given the opportunity to play some great slots for free when signing up to a mobile casino. If you are unsure about online slot games, these welcome bonuses provide new players with the perfect opportunity to try out casino games without losing anything.

Terms and conditions on Phone Casinos

As we wrap up here we still need to remember one important thing. Always check the terms and conditions when you start a new payment plan.

Not every casino site will allow players to use the pay by phone method. Read the guidelines at each individual online casino before committing to a deposit method.

Furthermore, check with your phone provider to see whether or not they allow their customers to gamble on their payment services. Some companies in other parts of the world do not recognise pay by phone casinos and it is their right to set the terms of the agreement.

It might not be exciting, but always ensure that you have read and thoroughly understood the terms and conditions when registering with an online casino and signing up to a phone plan. It is just good sense.


There are so many reasons that pay by phone casinos are becoming the go to way to partake in gambling. It comes with all of the benefits that are present when using an online casino but is much more safe and secure.

Why not look into joining this rising trend today. There are so many upsides to the pay by phone casino it easy to see why it is becoming so popular. As always check the terms and conditions with your phone provider and the casino before getting stuck in.