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The choice of payment methods that online casino gamers can use to make deposits into their accounts is growing all the time. One method that you may have heard of that is becoming increasingly popular is Boku. In this blog, you’ll find out how you can put together a winning slots strategy at a pay by phone casino uk with Boku.

3 Steps to no Deposit Slots

What is Boku?

Boku is a payment method that allows you to make online purchases using your mobile phone. Everything that you spend using Boku is charged to your phone bill and you can use it if you pay monthly or pay as you go. The process of using it is very simple and it is becoming increasingly popular as a payment method with online casino gamers.

All you need to do to make a deposit is to opt for Boku as your preferred payment method when asked when you open your online casino account. After you have done this, select the amount that you want to deposit. You should then receive a text sent to your phone containing a code. When you enter this code at the casino your deposit should be complete.

Is Boku Safe?

Boku is very safe to use and is an ideal method for anyone who is concerned about security issues in relation to online casino gaming. Boku has its own security systems in place to keep your data and transactions safe, so when you’re using this payment method you’re enjoying extra protection. Your mobile phone company also has security systems in place around your payments, and the online casino should have encryption and other measures in place as well.

All of that highlights just how safe it is to use Boku with your mobile phone when you’re making deposits into your online casino account. One thing that you should always remember when using Boku, however, is that it is not always possible to withdraw winnings using this method. You will need to choose a different method to withdraw winnings from your account, and you should be able to discuss this with customer services at your favoured online casino.

5 Tips for Success when Playing Slots at Pay by Phone Casino with Boku

Here are five easy things that you can do to improve your chances of success when playing slot games free at a pay by phone casino. Boku allows you follow these strategy tips more easily too.

  1. Keep a close eye on your bankroll.
    All successful punters know that managing your money should be a central part of any winning gambling strategy. With Boku, everything you spend will show up on your phone bill, meaning that you have clear records and you can keep a close eye on your spending. This will help you keep a clear mind and make better decisions when playing slots.
  2. Get to know a few slots well
    It always pays to do some research into specific slots that you want to play. If you try the games in demo mode then you can gain some valuable insights into how they operate, especially when it comes to bonus features. Reading online reviews can also give you the important details of slots, such as their volatility and RTP.
  3. Stay patient and calm
    You should always remember that playing slots is about entertainment and fun, not stress and frustration. If you can keep a clear, calm mind then you will make better decisions about things like bet size and when to gamble during bonus features. If you feel angry or stressed, stop playing.
  4. Remember it’s random
    All the results of spins on online slots are the result of Random Number Generators (RNGs). This means that there is nothing that you can do to influence the outcome of any of the spins. Slots do not go on ‘streaks’ either. Winning is therefore often a matter of staying patient and waiting for your luck to change.
  5. Play games with progressive jackpots
    Games that are part of progressive jackpot networks are worth looking out for. You can win potentially huge prizes on these games. Always check out the jackpots section of your online casino’s slots lobby.


Boku is a convenient payment method that offers additional security reassurance for bingo online and slots gamblers. It can help you stay in control of your spending – something that should be a key part of any successful slots strategy. That can help you stay patient and calm while you are waiting for good fortune to strike during your slots gaming.