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Online Bingo Vs UK Bingo Halls

Online Bingo Vs UK Bingo Halls

Despite being a worldwide game, bingo, for some, feels like a very British tradition. Even the word ‘bingo’ for some people, conjures up an image of a rowdy but good-hearted bingo hall, full of people laughing, drinking and crucially, being quiet when that good-humoured caller speaks. UK Bingo Halls are still going strong today and you’re likely to be able to find something like a Gala Bingo in most British towns.

However, like with so many industries, gambling has very much become an online medium over the last the or twenty years, and bingo is a big part of that. Thousands play online bingo every single day in the United Kingdom - on sites like Umbingo, with the classic pastime being easily accessible from smartphone devices, even. But what is the best way to play bingo? In a bingo hall or online? We way up the pros and cons in this, UK Bingo Halls vs Online Bingo debate. So get your markers ready, as we work our way through.

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Social activity

Traditionally, playing bingo has always been a social activity. As ever when you get a load of humans in one big room with a bit of alcohol and some healthy competition, you can expect great banter and camaraderie in a UK bingo hall. It is a great way to meet people with similar interests and to spend time with friends or family outside of the house and for this, the bingo hall cannot be beaten.

Multiplayer online bingo

That said, online bingo games can be a social experience, too. While they may look like usernames, online bingo is a multiplayer experience with other hopeful gamblers on the other side of each game you play. Playing on your own at home might not feel like the social experience that the bingo hall is, but remember that you are never playing alone even with bingo online.


Which has a bigger jackpot; online bingo or a bingo hall? Well, how long is a piece of string? In truth, either can be as high as each other, as there are no limits or rules imposed on either. However, the quick to play, cheaper to run and 24-hour nature of online bingo means that more big winners are churned out more often when playing online. So sadly, despite how much your mate’s Nan won down the Bingo last weekend, you will find bigger prizes online for the most part.

Ease of playing

This is where the online casino always comes out on top, what with online bingo being oh so easy to play. All you need is the right app, your smartphone and some internet, and you are ready to play some bingo. With bingo halls getting more and more rare, the effort of getting there is getting tougher, so for ease of playing, the traditional bingo hall simply cannot compete with its the online counterpart. Read our guide on playing bingo.