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No Deposit Bonus Offers Explained

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In the ever-changing world of the iGaming sector there are consistent advancements from both game developers and online casinos. With a huge amount of competition out there to attract customers, bonus offers and promotions are constantly being offered to free bingo players. There are fewer £15 free bingo no deposit offers out there in 2020 as a result of new gambling regulations, but still a wealth of other bingo bonus offers to choose from. Bingo is one of the most exciting games in the online casino sphere, offering a renewed sense of nostalgia for bygone years in UK bingo halls, coupled with exciting developments in the mechanics of online bingo rooms. Here we will explain the difference between no deposit bingo offers and other exciting promotions available here at Umbingo.

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Bingo No Deposit

So, what exactly is no deposit online bingo uk? In the majority of circumstances, a new customer will sign up with a licenced and regulated online casino such as Umbingo and then deposit some of their money into their account to bet and play with. As we will come onto later, there are a number of fantastic promotional offers available at sites like Umbingo when players make their deposits, as a further incentive to play real money games and throw their hat in the ring to win the top jackpots. There are, however, offers out there which allow new players to play some real money games for free without making an initial deposit, as a type of promotional offer that helps new players to get started.

So, what’s the catch? Although these are genuine offers which provide lucrative opportunities for new players, they often come with certain caveats such as wagering requirements. Wagering requirements refer to a certain amount of money a player must wager on subsequent games in order to withdraw the funds they have won from a bingo no deposit of free bingo game. Naturally, online casinos are a business and need to make money, so no offer will be entirely heavenly for the customer. Online casinos will generally limit the games available to play with no deposit bingo offer. Nonetheless, a top-quality promotion will choose games that will entice players in. if bingo is not your thing, why not check and play casino slot games?

Gambling Regulations and No Deposit Bingo

Gambling laws are constantly subject to review and often updated in order to protect vulnerable players. In addition, they seek to provide a fair deal for both the customers and the casinos. Overall, however, they seek to make existing laws easier to enforce. For instance, the Know Your Customer checks which came into force in May 2019 have made age verification checks more stringent. This means that there are more checks to carry out prior to a player playing any games at an online casino or withdrawing their winnings. As a result, underage gambling is thought to be easier to stamp out.

These types of changes in legislation can sometimes affect the free bingo no deposit offers that casinos are able to promote. In 2017, the Finance Bill came into law which made changes to the General Betting Duty that had been active for a number of years already. These UK regulations essentially require online casinos to pay a 15% general duty on the money that customers would have staked if their free bet were a normal bet. The effects of this change in 2017 have been significant, as they have largely reduced online casinos’ incentive to provide no deposit free bets, such as with no deposit bingo, for example. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) not only hoped to bring in further revenue through this new taxation but saw the changes as the closing of a loophole which had created a disparity between these free bets and other gambling laws. So, in many cases, no deposit bingo offers fell under the rules of this new legislation and subsequently the number of these offers out there has reduced in recent times.

Alternatives to Free Bingo No Deposit

So, no deposit bingo games is in decline and the offers that remain are often subject to stringent wagering requirements; we are potentially in danger of painting a slightly bleak picture. But fear not! At Umbingo, we believe that our customers are successfully incentivised into making small deposits with us to play their online bingo games, through our range of lucrative promotional offers available when you deposit. On a surface level, we believe that with high quality, lively bingo rooms, which expertly blend the traditional with the modern in terms of bingo games and themes, it is well worth making the small deposit needed to play real money online bingo at Umbingo. Our range of bingo rooms have something unique to offer our players are we pride ourselves on offering a variety. In terms of value, nothing better sums up the fantastic alternatives to free bingo than our £1 entry Friday Fun Bingo Room where a share of £2,500 is up for grabs every single Friday at 8pm. Why mess around with free bingo with no real cash prizes when for just £1 a ticket you could be in with the chance of the jackpot!?

In addition to the versatility of our low stakes games, there are a number of unmissable promotions on offer at Umbingo starting from just a £10 deposit. The Welcome Offer hands you a spin of the Mega Wheel where you could win up to a whopping 500 free spins on our hottest slot games. The best part is the Mega Wheel comes back around with a free spin for you every time you make a deposit of £20 or more. Of course, you can spend your £20 at whatever speed you like in our bingo rooms, so there is plenty of opportunity to make your money last. You will also benefit from our loyalty schemes such as Daily Cashback where you can receive real money back as withdrawable earnings every single day, as a percentage of the amount you wager in our bingo rooms each day.

There’s never been a better time to get signed up with Umbingo and start enjoying our rewards, so get started with our Welcome Offer today.