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Most famous Bingo Callouts Today

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Everyone loves a good game of bingo and it’s even more fun with the diary bingo calls and weird and wonderful bingo calls that are used in every game. There are famous bingo calls based on Cockney rhyming slang, shapes, and historical references but which ones are the most famous? Find out in this blog post! Which of these famous bingo calls do you recognise?

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Where Did Bingo Number Names Come From?

If you have ever played free bingo no deposit then you have probably heard the caller read out distinctive names after the number. Perhaps you have heard legs eleven or two fat ladies and wondered where those phrases have come from. Some of these bingo games calls date back centuries.

It is thought that a lot of the bingo calls were due to the influence of the army. The armed forces in the 1800s were playing bingo regularly and lots of calls that we know today have stuck since then. A lot of military in-jokes appear too. Perhaps the reason why bingo calls were created is to give a sense of community. Only the people playing bingo knew the calls so they felt like they were together and part of a club. Today, people still use these same bingo calls uk and they certainly won’t be disappearing.

Now let’s take a look at the most famous bingo calls that will allow you to play the best online bingo

#1 Legs Eleven

If you know just one of the dirty bingo calls, it has to be legs eleven. When the number eleven is drawn, the caller will follow with “legs eleven”. This call got its name as it looks like a pair of legs. When this number gets drawn, you may notice a few players doing a wolf whistle.

#2 Two Fat Ladies

Two fat ladies, 88! If you look closely at the number 88, what does it look like? Two fat ladies! A lot of bingo calls refer to the shapes that the numbers create and the number 88 looks like 2 curvy ladies sitting side by side.

#3 Droopy Drawers

When number 44 is called out, it’s followed by droopy drawers (and some laughter). Just like legs eleven, this is one of the dirty bingo calls that gets a response from the audience. A bit of humour thrown in with a game of bingo makes it much more exciting, don’t you think?

#4 Staying Alive

Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive! This bingo call makes us think of the popular Bee Gees song Stayin’ Alive. We’re sure many other people sing this song in their head too when this number gets drawn. If you get to 85, you’re certainly staying alive.

#5 Lucky Seven

One of the easier bingo calls uk to remember is lucky seven. When the caller calls out the number seven lucky seven, you’ll probably think of slot machines and matching the lucky sevens to reveal an exciting cash prize. Perhaps the number 7 will be lucky for you next time you play bingo online.

#6 Unlucky For Some

13, unlucky for some. The number 13 is known for being an unlucky number which is how this bingo call got its name. If you’re crossing off the number 12 on your bingo card then this number is certainly not lucky at all. They should rename it lucky for some instead!

#7 Knock at the Door

Did you hear that noise? It’s a knock at the door. Who’s there? It’s number 4! Lame joke haha. If the bingo caller calls out number 4, it’s followed by knock at the door. It’s a quick and easy bingo call rhyme that you’ll certainly remember.

#8 Dirty Gertie

There appear to be quite a few dirty bingo calls. Dirty Gertie is the rhyming slang for the number 30. It got its name from the statue named “La Delivrance” which is a naked lady created by French sculptor Emile Oscar Guillaume. The statue was created in 1927 so people have been enjoying that bingo call for quite a long time.

#9 Dancing Queen

If you’re a fan of Abba or you’re old enough to know who Abba is then you will know that this bingo call is named after one of their hit songs. It goes like this; “you are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only 17”. So, of course, the number that goes with dancing queen is 17.

#10 Valentine's Day

We’ll end with one of the sweeter bingo calls uk. Perhaps this one was created to remind men when Valentine’s Day is (14th February, if you didn’t know). When the number 14 is called out followed by Valentine’s Day this is a gentle reminder.

Playing Bingo Games Online

The days of going to bingo halls and playing bingo in pubs are slowly diminishing in the UK. This doesn’t mean that the bingo calls are disappearing though! When people play bingo online, they can chat to bingo lovers worldwide and share their favourite bingo calls. Some people like to share their own regional bingo calls which is quite fun.

It’s almost a little game in itself to see who has the funniest, rudest, or most original bingo call. Thanks to the internet, bingo calls UK are still alive and used by bingo players all around the world. Whether you’re playing bingo online here at Umbingo or you’re playing at your local bingo hall, it’s a fun game to play. Bingo calls make playing bingo much more entertaining and feeling like you’re part of a community is lovely. You can share jokes that non-bingo players don’t know and you have a chance at winning some good money.

Come and play some of the best bingo games at Umbingo. There are so many bingo games to choose from with various cash prizes up for grabs. It’s not all about winning money though, there are many bingo games that you can play for free. Come and enjoy a game and interact with other players too. Don’t forget to share your favourite bingo calls, and if you also like play slots games online - Umbingo is also the right place for you!