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How to Play UK Bingo

UK Bingo

Bingo is a massive part of our culture in the UK, and so many millions of people enjoy to practice and learn how to play bingo uk from their homes or at halls. We don’t see Bingo ever going out of style! Ever since it began, it has enchanted audiences of all ages. This is one of the great things about the game – it is simple and easy to follow, meaning that grandparents can play it with their grandchildren! While it began in land based casinos, there’s now a really popular online Bingo market. Playing online means players can play whenever they fancy and from the comfort of their own home and even access no deposit bingo free money! But Bingo is definitely a social occasion for some people, who love going to their weekly Bingo game at their local hall. We have put together an easy to follow guide on how to play both land based Bingo and the online version. Read on to discover how to win and have fun playing best online bingo or check out some other blogs related to bingo here instead:

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What is Bingo?

Let’s keep things simple: what even is Bingo? Some of you out there have definitely heard of the game, but aren’t exactly sure what it is! It’s basically a game that is played on cards with numbers on, and as the numbers are called out you mark them. Now, that’s the very simple explanation of the game, keep reading to find out how to actually play it!

A brief history of Bingo UK

Let’s take things back to the beginning! The origins of Bingo can actually be traced all the way back to 1530 in Italy. It is linked back to the Italian lottery, or known as Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia. The game then went on its travels through France and Britain, as it began to rise in popularity. By the 18th Century, Bingo was a broadly played game through the cities and towns in Britain, before making its way into the United States. The version of the game that was being played, however, was not the one that we are familiar with today. It was when Bingo entered France that it was adapted into the version that we would recognise today. The French lottery, or Le Lotto, is what the game was based on, as by 1778 it was the most popular gambling game in France. This is the version of the game that moved to Britain, as a fun game of chance. The game is worth a huge £1.3 billion in the UK today! Of course, it is now in the online world as well! Make sure you keep reading to find out how to play the different versions of Bingo in the UK.

How to play Bingo in the classic UK Bingo Halls

First off you’ll need to have chosen a place to play, pubs, clubs and Bingo halls all host games. You’ll have to pay an entry fee, but the good news is that this money goes towards the prizes that are up for grabs and to pay the Bingo caller. So you’ll have your card, or cards depending if you want to play with more, with a set of numbers printed on them. Cards aren’t to get confused with tickets, as sometimes places can call them that, as they mean the same thing. The Bingo caller is the one that’s essentially in charge of the game, as they are calling out the number from the bingo games balls that they choose at random. You’ll need to keep listening and concentrating hard while the caller does this, as you need to daub the numbers off your card.

The aim of the game is to yell out ‘Bingo’ once you have a set of numbers marked off your card. Bingo games differ on what this collection of numbers will be, you’ve got a full house, coverall, pattern or line. So it’s important that you pay attention to the rules of the game, you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of a huge room of people! The good news for Bingo lovers is that most games of Bingo have more than just one prize up for grabs, and of course, you can play Bingo for real money. If you are playing a game for real money, then you buy the cards and the money goes towards the prize pot that’s up for grabs. The Bingo hall will take a cut of this money, but the rest is yours to try and win! This does mean, though, that sometimes card sales determine how big or small the prize money is. But most Bingo halls have a guaranteed jackpot, as this encourages a lot more players to join in the fun as they have their eyes firmly on the prize.

How to play Bingo UK Online

Many players love the social aspect of land based Bingo, as they enjoy meeting up with friends and talking with like-minded players. But some people just love the comfort of their own home and their own company, and online Bingo gives you just that! Playing real money Bingo online really isn’t that much different to playing in a land based hall or casino, in fact some people think it’s easier! This is mostly due to the auto-daub feature that casinos have installed. This feature allows you to not even have to check the numbers on your card.

Actually you don’t even need to be paying attention at all thanks to auto-daub, this frees up your time to make a cup of tea or read a book! The reason this feature is in place is to ensure the data connection meets the UK regulatory approval for speed and stability. Firstly you’ll need to choose an online Bingo site to play the game and you’ll need to create an account to do this. You’ll also have to choose which game of Bingo that you want to play and in what room, and buy your cards. You can play online Bingo on pretty much any device, and there are plenty of Bingo apps out there. But remember that playing on apps means no real money prizes. More on this on our bingo games guide!

UK Bingo Sites – What to Look out For

This is such an important thing to consider in order to keep yourself safe and improve your chances of winning. There are so many options out there to choose from, and it can feel really overwhelming and confusing, particularly to beginners. First off consider if the casino is offering bonuses like a no deposit bonus. This can allow you to play the game for free, and see if you enjoy it without the pressure of losing money. Remember that you’d have to make a deposit if you then wanted to win real money. Then think about the welcome deposit bonus offer, most casinos will make an offer like this but if you’re joining the casino simply to play Bingo then it’s important that you consider this. Make sure you read the fine print, as some casinos only apply this bonus to their slot games, and it may not be worth it if you aren’t considering playing any online slots in the future. But if they provide good features for their Bingo lovers, like chat rooms, then it’s likely still a good casino.

Some casinos have exclusive Bingo rooms and others mix them on a big network. This is important to consider as your chances of winning can lessen if the rooms aren’t exclusive. Check out the overall special promotions and see if they have a VIP scheme or club for loyal members, as this is the way casinos can show that they care about their players! Another good thing to do is check out the reviews of the casino, a simple search on the Internet will do the trick! Players are often very honest about their online gaming experiences, and it’s a great place to get real experiences of that particular casino. Finally, although this may seem obvious, check that the casino has all of their licences and certificates. This way you know that you’re important bank details are safe, as this is a very real concern for some people when they play online games.

Are there any winning strategies for this Casino Game?

While the game is mostly down to chance, there are definitely some things that you can do to make victory more likely. A good tip is to avoid playing during peak hours, although this tip isn’t always possible to follow. If you play Bingo at a quieter time then you have a better chance of winning as your odds follow how many cards are being played in a game. This is a tip that goes for both land based Bingo and online Bingo, just make sure you play at a time where you’ll know there will be less players in the game than normal. This could be early in the morning, super late in the evening or during the day when you know most people will be working. Why not test different times of the day out and see? Maybe if you play in a land based casino bad weather or the middle of winter may keep people holed up in their homes. Land based casinos have to give out the jackpot no matter how many people are there, so that should be a big incentive to venture out in bad, stormy weather! Another option is going to games where you know the jackpot is low as these might not be so popular with the high rollers, but could still give you nice some odds.

Another tip is to make use of player chat rooms. Online casinos often provide chat rooms where players can talk to each other, just like you can in person in a land based casino! They come with lots of little bonuses and advantages, for example they can offer bonus games or the opportunity to win free tickets. All of this adds to your chances of winning! But not only this, you can talk to more experienced players than yourself and gain valuable insider knowledge and tips. Of course this tip can also apply to land based Bingo games, as you can make friends and share advice if others are willing.

Our final tip is to make sure you concentrate! This tip is for whichever type of Bingo you choose to play, land based or the online version. If you didn’t concentrate in an exam or test then you’d fail, right? Well the same goes for Bingo! We’re not trying to suck the fun out of the game, but if you’re aim is to win (not just to participate) then make sure you are 100% in it. Some land based casinos have a no talking policy, and even if your weekly bingo night is a social occasion make sure you respect this rule or you could upset other players and that’s not fair. If you are not listening then you can miss a number, so remember this tip as it can literally be the difference between a win and a loss! Check out free bingo and slot games here!

Last Notes on UK Bingo

Bingo is such a classic and well-loved game, and we don’t ever see it going out of fashion! People love the social aspect of land based Bingo, while others prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home. Of course, if you get lonely you can always use the chat room feature that most online casinos offer now! What we love most about Bingo is how easy it is to play, and this means that everyone can be included in the fun. The game is so inclusive and can bring people of all different ages and backgrounds together! Our parting advice to you Bingo lovers out there is to try different versions of your favourite game. So you land based Bingo lovers, why don’t you branch out and give the online version a try? And those of you out there that have only played the online version of Bingo, go and see what the land based version is all about! After all, Bingo is such an easy game to play, you won’t get the rules wrong! Here you can find some amazing online bingo offers to get you started! Find free bingo games download here and start playing today!

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