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How to play Bingo Successfully Today

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How to Win on Bingo

UK bingo is a game close to the hearts of many up and down the country who fondly remember when bingo halls where in their prime in the mid to late 20th century. Indeed, while bingo games in brick and mortar establishments has been on the decline since the 1990s, you will still find avid players getting together in bingo halls today for some socialising and gaming fun. Of course, however, the presence of online casinos has given a new voice to bingo online games. You can even play bingo games no deposit at sites such as Umbingo. This in turn has created an upsurge in people wondering how to win at bingo!

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Who are the Experts of Online Bingo?

Bingo experts, when you think of them you probably picture your sweet elderly gran who loves a flutter down the bingo hall. You wouldn’t be half wrong for picturing this stereotype, as even today 62% of bingo players are female. However, unsurprisingly, the typical age demographic of bingo players has dropped significantly with online bingo. 25-34-year olds are the most likely to play bingo online with 35-44-year olds the second largest group. Free bingo no deposit is also gaining traction amongst the people who know the most for bingo.

UK Bingo Winning Strategies

Bingo games a curious case strategy wise. While your first thought might be to ask your gran for tips, your instincts may also be correct in thinking that bingo is largely a game of luck. However, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of success in this game of the Dancing Queen and droopy drawers.

#1 Tippett Bingo Strategy

Bingo gameplay largely consists of embracing the thrill of waiting for your numbers to be called and hoping for the best. However, strategies generally revolve around choosing the right numbers, of which you have some control if you are able to select your own tickets. Slot games are also available at Umbingo.

The Tippett strategy popularised by the British statistician looks to improve your odds by considering how long the game is likely to be. With longer game durations of 75-ball bingo, Tippett worked out that the average number drawn would be closer to the median number of 38. For shorter games, meanwhile, numbers drawn are likely to be closer to 1 and 75. In practice, this means that when you are playing shorter games you should choose bingo tickets which consist of more big and small numbers. Conversely, when playing the likes of blackout bingo and other longer games, choose tickets with numbers closer to the median number of 38.

#2 Granville Bingo Strategy

Bingo online can be played with another strategy, the Granville method. This theory states that the optimal bingo card will have an equal number of high and low numbers, along with an equal number of even and odd numbers. Lastly, it is beneficial to have an equal quantity of numbers ending with the same number.

Online bingo is an exciting world, and although these strategies can help a little, the main thing is to have fun and be sociable! Have a gander at the many exciting bingo rooms at Umbingo today. Ready? Free bingo games download here or play on the Internet today!

Play bingo no deposit and deposit bingo