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How to Play and Win Online Bingo Games

How to Play and Win Online Bingo Games

The world of online bingo is vast as it is exciting, this is something every avid player will admit too, no matter their age, background or where they happen to live — that’s one of the best things about online bingo, it’s 100% universal! It feels like online bingo has only really picked up some serious steam in the past couple of years or so if you were to rewind the clock back to around 2007, the sheer premise of best online bingo uk casinos would be considered daft — in 2019, online bingo is a juggernaut in online entertainment! There are so many sites out there for you to pick and choose from right now that it is quite scary — not to mention the fact that new sites are appearing every day it seems. The online bingo industry is going through a boom at the moment, with hundreds of thousands of punters logging in to play these games on a daily basis — almost all of them have earned money through these games at least once in their lifetime, that we promise you. We admit it, even we were slightly sceptical about online bingo having only played it in bingo halls up and down the country. Once you’ve read this article in full, you’ll come to learn that there are positives to online bingo that you just won’t find anywhere else, trust us. Try not to let anything stand in the way of you and playing online bingo guys, we can tell you first hand that this is the sort of game you should be playing!  More blogs relating to bingo and bingo strategies below.

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Bingo Basics 

Bingo is one of those games that you can just pick up and play anywhere you go — unless you play a US version of the game, although the core gameplay remains the same regardless of the version. If you don’t know the rules to bingo, then what have you been doing with your life? No, but seriously? Bingo is a game as old as time, one that consists of a bingo caller, a bingo board, and a room full of people all with skin in the game. Bingo works a little something like this: you have a bingo board with a series of numbers cascading up and down the board — every player will have something similar, the only difference is the placement of their numbers will be different. A bingo caller will call numbers out at random — numbers 1 through to 90 most likely depending on the bingo session you’re taking part in. The goal is simple, that being to fill the spaces on one section of your bingo board before someone else does! Online versions of bingo play in the exact same way, although the caller is often replaced by a CPU of some kind that will do all the calling and whatnot. Bingo callers tend to be incredibly charismatic, and every number they call outcomes with some sort of saying — you’ll find that most bingo lingo is non-existent in most online bingo games, which is a shame but it allows most games to finish a lot sooner than they normally would. 

Outside of what we’ve just mentioned, most online versions of bingo play, or other free bingo games for android, in the exact same way as what you might find in an actual bingo hall. Online bingo is played with hundreds of players across the globe at any given time! There are some variations of bingo out there you can play that play against a CPU digitally, but those don’t have the same feel to them as those against actual opponents — this is simply an opinion, of course, you might feel differently. 

How To Play Online Bingo 

So you’ve found some new bingo games sites you like and would like to jump right on in do you? Well, the first thing you’ll need to do is select the number of bingo cards you want to play. Every online bingo game you come across will ask you to set this up, which shouldn’t be too much of an issue as it takes seconds. Most online bingo games are pretty lenient with the amount they’re asking for each card, although there are some high roller games out there. Wins in online bingo will automatically be added into your account should you be the victor of a line or a full house. Full houses tend to offer the biggest pot here, although depending on the game in question, you might find that a line is worth a pretty penny also. It is of note that once a bet has been set, there is no way of claiming that back and it is locked in place until the game is over — so choose wisely depending on a budget or something like that (we’ll be touching on strategies, later on, stay tuned). The number of cards you play will have an effect on your chances of coming out on top. Know that the more cards you play, the more money you’ll set down at the start of every game. The best thing about online bingo is the fact that most games finish quite quickly, so if for whatever reason you fail to come out on top, you will have another opportunity not that long after. You’ll find that new players are constantly entering the fray as you play too. If you find that you are still with questions, take a look at the help section on certain sites, it will have everything you need there! Unlike physical bingo, online bingo will have your card stamped automatically — this is a feature that you can turn off although we find that the CPU does a stellar job in making sure all your numbers are covered, meaning you can go about other activities in your life if you like, as these games roll on. Just remember to pay attention when the games have finished as you’ll need to opt-in to have another go with a fresh card. Join a great online bingo hall & slot casino like Umbingo for £10 deposit bingo, or join other sites for free bingo bonus no deposit!

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Welcome Bonuses - Helping you win at Bingo

We’d recommend trying your hand at multiple bingo sites until you are satisfied with one that works for you. Know that every online bingo game is virtually the same, the only differences come via the bonuses and the look/feel of the game, that’s it. Every reputable online bingo site you come across will have a welcome bonus element to it, these bonuses will assist you at the beginning of your online bingo journey — although in saying that, practically anyone can jump on these bonuses as long as they haven’t yet signed up to the site in question. You’ll find that most online bingo sites are giving away free games as an incentive to play — we’d recommend you look at the terms and conditions of some of these bonuses as some can be capped. Other bonuses come in the form of additional cash for depositing x amount of money spent on certain sites. For example, Lucky Pants Bingo currently has an offer on where they will increase your bingo bet if you are betting at least £10 up to 200%! Know that new sites are constantly cropping up, each offering something different as far as welcome bonuses — and general bonuses also — thus making it incredibly worthwhile to keep checking social media/the internet for new and upcoming online bingo contenders! It’s definitely worth checking out some of these sites during key moments of the year too as most tend to have better bonuses — take Christmas for example, one of the best times of the year to look! 

Practice Makes Perfect, People 

It might seem like there is no real way of honing your skills in online bingo, but you’d be surprised. There will be some of you out there that have never played bingo online before or played a game of bingo in general — if you happen to be one of these people, then the best thing you can possibly do is play a few games just to get a feel for how things work and what you can expect. This is easily one of the best ways of fast-tracking your way to understand bingo lingo too. Most online versions of bingo have their caller utilise certain bingo lingo, so it’s always handy to know what numbers are coming. We find it helps create a sense of community in the world of bingo too, making you more likely to keep playing, this is what makes bingo so separate from say, an online slot — online bingo is a hell of a lot more interactive. Find a particular online bingo game that you like — preferably one with smaller deposit requirements and you’re sorted. Playing any online bingo game will train your eye, allowing you to pinpoint how these games operate, thus making you better equipped as a player. The more you play, the better off you’ll be in the long run, just remember that the next time you’re looking for a way to spend your time and your money. There are no rules stopping you from checking out other online bingo games either, and right now you have well over a hundred different sites to pick and choose from, all offering something different in some way or other. We can name at least five sites that have come out in the past few years worth checking out, but we’re going to leave this up to you to find your own path. 

Strategies And Make Money, Become Better For It

If you care about making money in online bingo, then the best thing you can do is strategise. Now, if you are someone who plays for fun, you might not find this section entirely helpful, if that’s the case feel free to jump to the next one! We are always thinking about multiple games in advance, this is how we are able to constantly remain in the green as far as our earnings are concerned. The answer to all your online bingo needs is through the use of a strategy chart, it’s really that simple. Use this chart whenever you clock in and out to make sure you aren’t overstepping on your budget and spending more money than you want to. We completely understand that it is incredibly easy to lose track of the amount of money one is spending when playing online, which is why you should curb your habits where you can — we find the sheet helps! Practically every computer has access to the internet or a spreadsheet program, thus making it incredibly easy to set up! Create yourself a nightly budget (that’s if you play nightly) and try to note down the amount o money spent on each game played. Keeping track of your wins/losses in this way will keep you sharp between the ears, and will allow you to make a nice profit since you won’t be making stupid mistakes or acting on impulse.

Tip: Take A Break

There’s no shame in wanting to take a break every now and again, in fact, we’d encourage you to take a good couple of hours between games if you’ve been playing online bingo over an extended period of time. You hear all the time of people overspending, and in some cases becoming addicted to gambling — well, if you are someone taking routine breaks this is less likely to be the case. People tend to forget that online bingo is meant to be fun. Yes, there are people who play for keeps, but even those folks take breaks… 

Tip: Read Site Reviews

If you go on any search engine right now and look for bingo site reviews, you’ll find plenty of articles to check out. If you find yourself worried about the reputable nature of certain sites, then going through these review sites is normally a great denominator. Try to read user reviews too, they tend to be a lot more honest in comparison. You are welcome to judge online bingo sites on your own merit, but if you’ve never played on one before, how can you determine what is good and what is bad? 

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