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Guide to Online Slots

Guide to Online Slots

Online slots games and free online bingo sites have very quickly become one of the most popular ways to gamble online. Available on smartphones tablets and on your desktop computer as well, everyone can gain access to online slots. All you need is an online casino account, the device to play on and a bit of money that you don't mind having a flutter with. The format of an online slot machine is very familiar and all of those who've ever pushed pound coins into the flickering fruit machines that once could be found in the corners of pubs, clubs and chip shops, we'll instantly know how to play these wonderfully fun online games. Although, even if you are not aware of how to play online slot games, you have come to the right place. For this is a complete guide to online slots where we hope to answer all of your questions and queries about the popular format for online gambling that is online video slot machines. Will be taking a look at the history of slot machines, ranging from the first-ever slot machine to the modern online slot machines that are all the rage at the moment. Elsewhere, we will also be providing you with a list of out favourite developers of online slot machines, as well as a brief list of some of the greatest online slot machines to ever surface online. Whether you are a new online slot game or not, we hope that you will learn a thing or two across this comprehensive and complete guide to online slots. So have your coins at the ready as we explore the colourful and vibrant world that is online slot games.

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History of slot games

Although the online slot machine is a fairly new invention in the history of slot machines, in general, can be dated back to the late 19th century. Invented in San Francisco by a company called Liberty Bell, the slot machine was initially very different experienced what it is today. Charles Fey is the man often credited with having invented the slot machine, working on it with the aforementioned Liberty Bell who is a legendary name in gambling history. In fact, in classic fruit machines, the bell symbol is still used today and this is something that was originally introduced by Liberty Bell as a means of getting their logo into their games. The first-ever slot machine was known as a poker machine and was purely mechanical. Rather than winning instant cash players could exchange their wins at the bar San Francisco taverns for free drinks or even cigars. This is a whole other world away from the hundreds and thousands and even millions of pounds that can be one in today's online slot game market. However, from these humble beginnings, genuine sensation of gambling would grow and grow and grow. Yet, the growth of the slot machine would not come without issues. When gambling was eventually outlawed in America, Liberty Bell had to market their invention very differently. This is when the fruit machine was invented as instead of free drinks, cigars or cash, flavoured gum was the prize I'm off for those who lined up the symbols of the slot machine. And, instead of traditional cardplaying symbols on the reels which were associated with gambling, fruits were used as more innocent-looking aesthetic. 

Break da bank slot game

Electronic slot machines

In the late 1950s and 1960s slot machines were turning electronic. With the rise of Las Vegas gambling came arise in the use of slot machines in these incredibly flamboyant casinos that lined the streets of Sin City. So popular slot machines in these days, that the nickname ‘One Arm Bandits’ was used to describe the people who would spend hours hours and hours every day spinning the reels by putting one lever at the time. When some games when electronic there were whole new possibilities for the genre and quickly the games became more colourful, more flashy and in general, way more entertaining. They also became easier to produce and suddenly slot machines could be found in pubs, clubs, chip shops and bars across the world. In the UK even today, you can tell a good old-fashioned pub by the state of its fruit machine.

Online slot machines

The 1990s were an extraordinary decade. Not only did we have the rise of the Spice Girls and the rise of Oasis and the rest of the Britpop bunch, we also had the rise of the Internet. Whilst the World Wide Web was very different experience to what we all know and love today, the innovative new software that would change the world forever was incredibly exciting. Eventually, some smart people manage to make online gambling thing and very quickly, online slot machines and emerged as a popular way to gamble online. The original online slot machines were far from the 3-D animated slot machines today and they relied on very simple coding that would be deemed retro if released today. At first, some people were very sceptical about the online Casino as it was hard to tell whether or not a fair service was being provided. However, thanks to random number generating software, the online casino industry has been providing reliable and fair service to the growing amounts of online Casino users ever since the early days. Today the online slot game is an extremely advanced online game that can even compete with video games. Highly ambitious themes and games that are driven by genuine narratives are making slot games a truly immersive experience that would have never been imagined in the early days.

Online slot game developers

The main people to thank for the thriving nature of the online slot game world are the developers of the games who make the field what is. Online slot game developers work tirelessly creating a wide range of games that very in themes, layouts, and jackpots. It is important to know about online slot game developers as, well you navigate the thousands of games out there, you will notice which developer you like and which developers you do not. This complete guide to online slot games would not be complete without taking a look at some of our favourite online slot game developers. So, without further ado here are some of the best developers of online slot games are making this thriving industry what it is.


Online slot game developers do not come much more iconic than this one. This brand has been accredited with the very invention of online Casino software and Microgaming is still very much a brand that is thriving in today's market. They have a comprehensive catalogue online slot games that vary in themes and styles. From retro-themed classic slot games to more ambitious 3-D adventures, you will find all sorts of online slot game fun in this developer’s historic and influential collection. This developer also set a world record for paying out the largest amount ever in an online slot game. That should be all the encouragement you need to play a slot game developed by Microgaming.


One is the most exciting developments of the online slot game industry in the past 15 years has been the constant improvement in terms of graphics, themes and animations. Yggdrasil should be praised for setting the bar high each and every time they release one of the very popular online slot games. From their slots, you can always expect the best graphics, a sense of fun, a sense of humour and a slot game that pushes the very boundaries of the genre. You know when you're playing a free spins slot game developed by this particular developer because their graphics are so instantly recognisable and loved across the whole online gambling community. Expect free-flowing slot games and a lot of animated penguins from Yggdrasil slots.


This is another developer with a huge catalogue online slot games. It seems that each and every week this developer has released a new slot game and more often than not it will be one that is instantly loved by the online slot game fans who wait on NetEnt’s every move. For NetEnt released one of the most played online slot games of all time at the start of the 2010s with Gonzo’s Quest, the exciting adventure of a slot game that follows the fortune of a tiny hero. The game is still very much play today and this timeless nature is typical of this slot game developer. NetEnt does not only specialise in online slot games but also online casino games across the whole spectrum. From roulette wheels to blackjack this developer can do it all.


Our final developer to point out that has been doing it as long as anyone else. Barcest is a long-running that they have actually released offline slot games as well, that you might be able to find in pubs and shops to this very day. Barcest’s most famous game is called Rainbow Riches and this online video slot game has since developed into a series of games that all have an Irish theme. Look out for leprechauns and pots of gold in this series which is one of the most played of all online. Slot games from this developer tend to have a retro charm and this is surely thanks to the rich history that they have to work in this entertainment industry. If you like the sound of modern online slot game but also love a sense of nostalgia as you spin the reels, Barcrest slot games might just be the one for you.

What are the best online slot games to play?

As you can probably tell already you are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing an online slot game to play. However, as this is a guide to online slots it would not be right for us to recommend some great online slot games to play today. In what follows is a brief list of some of the most legendary and most popular online slot games in today's market.


Starburst is truly a legendary online slot game and has regularly been credited with being one of the most popular titles to ever service online. This game was released during the 2010s and is still regularly played today. It combines a classic fruit machine with a more modern one as cyber fruit symbols come to well-designed reels of this slot. If you need further evidence of the popularity of this online video slot game, then the fact that online casinos often offer free spins as a welcome offer for this game should underline the extent to which the game is loved within the online slot game community.

Starburst gameplay slot game

Fluffy Favourites

Developed by EyeCon, you will do well to find a more cute and cuddly looking online slot game than this one. The Fluffy Favourites online slot uses a toy animal theme to fill the reels and fill your heart with joy. With up to 2000 times your steak on offer, your pockets could be filled to thanks to this exciting online slot. This is another long-running online slot game but one that has truly stood the test of time. The majority of the top online casinos offer this title and this is yet another sign of a top-class online video slot game.

Mega Moolah

A complete guide to online slot games would not be complete without mentioning this game. Mega Moolah is a game with a progressive jackpot meaning that there is no limit to the amount of money that you can win. This game one set a world record for the amount of money paid by one online slot game with over 17 million pounds won by one lucky British gambler up. A slot machine with a jackpot theme, this game truly does exactly what it says on the tin. The progressive jackpot is one of the most exciting things to happen in Mega Moolah and slots as a genre so do not miss out on it.

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