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When it comes to gaming, players are always split. Some players prefer to play on PCs, while others prefer to play on gaming consoles. Among the players who play games on PCs, some enjoy spending their time on online slot and bingo online casinos. Compared to the MMORPGs, FPS, and other reality-based console games available, one thing that makes online casinos great is the opportunity for players to win real money.

Although this is true, playing with real money all the time doesn’t sound appealing to many individuals. This is especially true for beginners looking to step into the online casino gaming world. However, to make this transition as seamless as possible, many casinos in the UK offer online casino bonus no deposit offers to players.

3 Steps to no Deposit Slots

What Bonuses are offered at Casinos in 2021?

With so many online casinos available today, there are several bonuses you will find. These unique bonuses are essential for casinos to attract the right individuals and make them stay long enough to become loyal players. Although different casinos come up with unique names for their bonuses, these bonuses will fall into one or more of these categories:

Deposit Bonus

This is a bonus that is available to players who deposit on the casino. On most casinos, there is a minimum amount a player must deposit to activate this bonus. The welcome offer on Umbingo is a deposit bonus that requires a £10 minimum deposit by players (FULL T&CS APPLY). When you make this deposit, most casinos automatically credit your account with an online slot games bonus.

No Deposit Bonus

These bonuses are available to players on a casino without the need to make a deposit. There are various ways for players to claim a no deposit bonus. On some casinos, players receive the free online casino bonuses no deposit automatically, while others require players to claim the bonus manually. This may be by entering a bonus code, claiming it on the promotions page, or reaching out to the customer support team.

Cashable Bonus

A cashable bonus is a bonus that is available to players for withdrawal. To make the bonus available, players will need to meet certain conditions set by the casino. However, some casinos offer bonuses without a wagering requirement. On most bonuses on Umbingo, there is a 65x wagering requirement (FULL T&CS APPLY).

Non-cashable Bonus

These are bonuses that aren't available to players for withdrawal. What you get is a bonus that you can use to play games to earn as many winnings as you can till you meet the wagering requirement. On most online casinos, what you find is a non-cashable bonus.

Sticky Bonus

A sticky bonus is available as a form of non-cashable bonus on online casinos. What makes this bonus sticky is that your bonus amount remains intact when you make a withdrawal on an online casino. This allows you to play with any bonus you have left despite having met your wagering requirement and withdrawing your winnings.

Phantom Bonus

Unlike the sticky bonus, a phantom bonus is one that automatically disappears from your bonus wallet the moment you make a withdrawal from the casino. The players who understand how these bonuses work will choose to play as much as possible and accumulate enough bonus winnings before making a withdrawal from the casino.

Picking the Best No Deposit Bonuses at Online Casinos

As a marketing tool, no deposit free bonuses are very effective. They help attract new online casino players and also perform an excellent job of keeping veteran players entertained. As a new player, it is common to make inevitable mistakes when picking the best free bonus.

To ease the process, there are specific tips you can follow. These tips will also help you remain profitable while playing with your free bonus no deposit:

Find a No Wagering Free Bonus

A no wagering free bonus is a bonus that doesn't come with a wagering requirement. These are very difficult to find but are the best online casino bonuses you can find anywhere. Since there is no wagering requirement on the bonus, any amount you win is immediately available for withdrawal. This saves you the stress of completing any form of playthrough condition a casino may set up.

Avoid Bonus Abuse

Online casinos are very generous when it comes to offering free bonuses. It is a strategy to attract players, but nothing more. What this implies is that online casinos expect players to use the bonuses responsibly.

When you fail to use a bonus responsibly, it gives you an advantage over the casino, and they consider this bonus abuse. By getting an advantage over the casino, you reduce the chances of the casino getting some or all of their bonus back. Some actions that Umbingo considers to be bonus abuse include claiming bonuses with multiple accounts, exceeding the maximum bet, and so on.

Learn the game contributions

Online casinos offer slots, Baccarat, poker, bingo, and more games. Although they are all excellent casino games, they're not all equal when it comes to contributing to your wagering requirement. Some games don’t contribute towards the requirement, a few contribute a small percentage, and others, like slots on Umbingo, can contribute up to 100% towards the requirement.

Don't be over-reliant on bonuses

Although you're visiting the casino for its excellent bonus, don't let the bonus be your sole focus. Having your money to play can save you a lot of stress, usually when you end up choosing a casino whose process is cumbersome and stressful.

What are Free Bonuses?

A free bonus is an online casino promotion that is available to players to boost their gaming experience. One way these bonuses achieve their goal is by providing a means to win real money without spending money.

There are two common forms of free bonuses online casinos offer. These are the free spins and bonus credits.

  1. Free Spins: A free spin is an online casino free bonus available to players for any slot title. The online casino determines the slots you can access. With free spins, you have the opportunity to win real cash from the slot game with relative ease.
  2. Bonus Credit: The main feature of bonus credit is that players can use it on various casino games such as slots, bingo, Baccarat, etc. It functions like real cash, but only on the online casino.

Most casinos offer just one of these two free bonuses, but some unique casinos offer both.

No Deposit Casino Games Online

There are lots of no deposit casino games online, but how you access them may differ. This is because the term no deposit is a broad categorization of casino games. For example, there are specific casinos that offer no deposit casino games as demo versions.

These demo versions allow players to play a casino game with its full features without winning real money. Other no deposit games are accessible with free bonuses. Games accessible through a free bonus usually give players a chance to win real money or prizes from the online casino.

How to Claim a No Deposit Casino Bonus

Are you a new player seeking to claim your first bonus on an online casino? Don't fret; the process isn't that difficult despite the bonus being free. Regardless of the casino you select, there are specific steps you can take, such as:

  1. Register: Online casinos want new players, so it only makes sense that they require players to sign up to claim their free, no deposit bonuses.
  2. Find the Bonus Page: This is an essential step you need to take to gain as much information as possible on the various bonuses a casino offers. Many casinos provide more details on these bonuses after you sign up on their platform.
  3. Learn the process: How does the casino want you to claim your free bonus? Do you need to enter a bonus code, contact customer support, or make a deposit?
  4. Read the Ts & Cs: Online casinos don’t go easy on players with their terms and conditions. If you don’t pay attention to the fine print in other areas of your life, please read those of an online casino. Umbingo is a great casino, and to remain reliable; it offers players easy access to its terms and conditions on a dedicated page on its website.
  5. Enter the Bonus code or make a deposit: if you find the bonus you’re searching for, then all you will need to do is enter a bonus code. However, some excellent online casino bonuses require a minimum bonus to activate. Make this deposit to claim your bonus with ease.

When you complete these steps, you can start playing on the online casino. Umbingo has a separate page for all the games on offer, along with a search bar. Type in the game's title, and an image appears that you can click on to load the game.

*Any Free Spins/Welcome Bonuses References are subject to the following: NEW PLAYERS ONLY, MIN DEPOSIT £10, MAX BONUS EQUAL TO LIFETIME DEPOSITS (UP TO £250), 65X WAGERING REQUIREMENTS AND FULL T&CS APPLY.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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