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Cheats and Tricks to Beat the Slot Machine

Slot Machine Cheats

Cheats and Tricks to Beat the Slot Machine

The highest paying games in any brick and mortar casino is the slot machine – even in the best online bingo sites to be frank. Apart from the usual wins that players get from slots, there are also high jackpot payouts. Although slot machines are electronic and they are random, they still attract a lot of cheats who try to win bigger. This is understandable because everyone wants to win big. There are many ways to cheat and trick a slot machine, but we don't recommend you to try them.

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#1 Using Cheat Codes to With at Slot Machines

Even though gambling authorities try their best to ensure that there is no cheating when it comes to their slots, backdoor coding is a popular way for people to get cheat codes. When engineers develop slot machines, they do so in a way that the game can be observed and corrected. But sometimes, the engineer rigs to code to benefit them. A famous case is that of Ronald Dale Harris, who tricked slot machines because he knew the source codes. He was able to cheat for years until his scam was uncovered in 1998. If a player knows the cheat codes to a slot machine, they can win big at any time.

#2 Using Magnets Trick

This is a popular way to trick a slot machine, although it is not as useful as it used to be years ago. Modern-day slot machines cannot be fooled with a magnet because they aren't magnetic. Instead, they are all programmed by computer software. Older model slot machines were made from metal, which means they were magnetic, and so a lot of people used magnets to cheat the machine. They were able to do this with a strong magnet. When the player spins the reels, they will have to watch and wait for it to get to their winning combination. Once it did, all the player had to do was place the magnet immediately on the outside of the machine to make it stop. The machine will then stay on the winning combination, allowing the cheater to claim the payout. Although this method of cheating wasn't unnoticeable, players who were able to pull it off usually won big.

#3 Using Coins to Beat the Slot Machine Games

Another famous trick amongst slot cheats is using shaved coins. This method works on modern-day slots. Even though these modern slots make use of software programming to operate, fraudsters have found different ways to trick the slot machine. A lot of the contemporary slot machines make use of a light sensor to record payments. Some of these machines even use the optic sensor separately from the physical compartment of the slot machine. This means that the cheat can send a shaved coin and an object that has the same size and shape of the coin, down the device; at the same time, the cut coin will be sent back to the player, and the machine will count the other object instead. The slot machine will allow the person to play.

A player can also use fake coins to trick the slot machine. Instead of using the regular coins to play and hope to win, the player makes use of counterfeits made by con artists to scam the slot machine. The most famous case on this was the scam carried out by Louis 'The Coin' Colavecchio. He was able to trick casinos and slot machines with fake coins until he got arrested in 1998. When he got released in 2006, he didn't seem to have learned his lesson and went back to making and using fake coins.


#4 Using Software Glitches to Victory

Nowadays, casinos refuse to give the player their jackpot if there was a software glitch. Slot cheats have influenced software glitches for years. The player will be able to induce a software glitch by playing different patterns that will confuse the slot machine. This will pay out into a jackpot if such a player is lucky. A lot of cheats have used this method to win prizes on a slot machine, but this is also affecting those who won fair and square and didn't get their wins because of a so-called 'software glitch.

A famous example of this was the case of Pauline McKee, a 90-year-old woman who won $41 million in 2015 on a Miss Kitty Slot machine. Pauline McKee tried to sue the casino in 2012, but in 2015, her appeal was rejected. This is probably because of the history of those who use glitches to trick the slot machine.

Nowadays, no cheating is needed to play free slot games.

#5 Why You Shouldn’t Cheat on Casino Games

The game of slots is meant to be based on luck and luck only. Slot games are random, and no player can foresee their results. Trying to cheat or using a system to win the game is almost impossible with the improvement in technology. Using a cheat on an online slot won't end well for you. People that have used cheats like tricking the payout sensors or rigging the slot machines always got caught and thrown into jail.

A mistake as small as using the money a player accidentally left behind to spin for free can put you in a lot of trouble. In Central City casino, a man once saw a player forget $2 on a machine. The man spun the slots twice and won nothing, and then he went back to play his game. A security man arrived and took him away. He was charged for stealing the $2 because technically, the money belonged to the casino since the player forgot it there. He was asked to pay $250 fines, pay for an FBI background check, banned from all the casinos in Colorado for a year, and placed on probation.

This is just the least that can happen to anyone who tries to use cheats to win at a casino game. Slot machines are more modern, and there are many new ways to catch those who try to trick the machine. If you decide to, it's only a matter of time before you get caught.

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