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Bingo Variations Differences

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The best bingo with no deposit can be found right here at Umbingo. Here we cater for all tastes, including a range of different bingo games and jackpot sizes. Bingo games have a long history dating back centuries, long before the emergence of our beloved world wide web. As a result, some bingo games are a product of their geography, with different styles emerging in the UK and US, for example. Furthermore, some newer bingo games have emerged since the rise of online bingo, opening up possibilities for budding bingo players even further. So, if you are hoping to figure out which bingo games you want to try out first and what the differences are between the free bingo site games, you are in the right place!

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Bingo Game Tickets

Bingo game tickets are of course an integral part of bingo games but significant variations can be found across different styles. For those of you who grew up with the UK version, 90-Ball Bingo, you may only recognise the traditional 9x3 ticket used in that game. Although now more commonly found in high definition on your laptop screen, as opposed to the flimsy paper tickets handed out by your gran at Christmas for free bingo, the 90-Ball Bingo format is an instantly recognisable classic. As with all bingo games, the layout of the 90-Ball ticket dictates the winning formulas, but more on that later.

As for the ticket layouts of other bingo games, they can seem a little left-field at first if you are used to the 90-Ball Bingo tickets which graced bingo halls up and down the UK for so many years. However, 75-Ball Bingo is in fact the traditional format in the US. So, it’s worth familiarising yourself if you are planning a trip and want to have a flutter at some no deposit bingo while you are at it. 90 Ball bingo uses a rather exciting 5x5 grid out, chock-a-block with numbers. That is, other than the very middle number, which is known as a free space or wild space.

80-Ball Bingo is another variant which stakes a claim as the best online bingo game, as it originally gained popularity as an online bingo game, as opposed to the older versions which were popularised in bingo halls. 80-Ball Bingo is therefore a common free bingo no deposit game and is definitely worth checking out. It resembles the US 75-Ball format but is a 4x4 square with no wild space in the middle. The four columns are also arranged in colours to make things both clearer and funkier when you’re looking for patterns. There are a whole bunch of other more obscure bingo ticket styles out there, but one other worth mentioning is 30-Ball Bingo. This bingo game is a speedy version of the game with just a 3x3 grid of numbers – cute and compact.

Bingo Games Winning Combinations

So, what do all these bingo game ticket formats mean for actually winning the jackpot? (Or simply beating your opponents and winning for pride if you are playing some free bingo!). Each bingo ticket style is specially designed to incorporate a series of winning combinations. As you all know, bingo callers will call out randomly drawn numbers and players will check off the numbers they have as they are called. Of course, with the best online bingo games the majority of this process is automated, making it as straightforward as possible and ensuring no numbers are missed. However, most of the time there are mini jackpots up for grabs for landing a smaller quantity of numbers, before a player reaches the eventual full house.

90 Ball Bingo Variation

In 90-Ball Bingo, the construction of the bingo ticket in three rows allows for one-line and two-line jackpots. As players have their numbers crossed off, the exciting part is seeing your lines develop with one taking the lead as your potential winner. If another player beats you to it, you may already have a well-developed second line which could land the two-line jackpot. Of course, the main jackpot is for the full house winner who has all their numbers crossed off, but with a few potential winning avenues, 90-Ball is a fan favourite model for good reason.

75 Balls Bingo & 80 Ball Bingo Explained

Both 75-Ball Bingo and 80-Ball Bingo are bingo games with more fluid possibilities for winning combinations due to their chock-a-block layouts. Some of the best online bingo moments come from the originality different bingo sites show in their choice of quirky winning combinations. 80-Ball Bingo keeps things a little stricter, with players typically looking for diagonal or vertical lines in their number grid, but this still freshens up the process if you are used to 90-Ball. 75-Ball Bingo is notorious for whacky patterns, however. You could be out there crossing off numbers until you find shapes of wild animals on your ticket! More commonly, however, patterns that are shown to the players to try and cross off will be quite abstract and random. Either way, this really spices up the process as it makes each game different, a potential advantage over the arguably stuffier 90-Ball.

30 Balls Bingo Variation

While some players love to analyse the variations within different bingo games, we know that many of you love bingo because of its simplicity. So, despite the fact the games we have mentioned maintain certain unique qualities, rest assured that bingo will always be an easy game to pick up and enjoy. This is no truer than with one of the new kids on the block, 30-Ball Bingo. Due to the limited quantity of numbers, this game dives straight into the big time with players going for a full house right from the kick-off. This game will suit players who like things speedy and love to win the big jackpots.

Which Bingo Game is for Me?

It is important to remember that bingo games are all down to personal taste. Thanks to the expansion of online bingo, there is ample choice. Whether you are looking for no deposit bingo, free bingo, or simply the best online bingo, you are in safe hands with Umbingo. Come and check out our collection of bingo games today and become our next lucky winner! If you don't think any of the above games is the right for you, why not view our online slot games instead?