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Bingo Lingo Basics to Get you Started

Bingo Lingo

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Are you planning on diving into the online bingo arena but aren’t sure about bingo number names lingo?

If you want to brush up on some chat room talk before chatting with other players, we’ve got your back.

Internet abbreviations have combined with bingo language to create a number of unique bingo lingo phrases.

Online bingo sites uk has therefore become a thing of its own, but lingo for bingo has been around for decades.

Classic bingo calls are still very much a part of the tradition of bingo, so here we will run you through some of the best of those as well.

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Online Bingo Lingo

The best no deposit bonus bingo rooms come with chat functions so that you can engage with our players while you play. This is of course in the spirit of bingo; bingo halls up and down the UK have always been full of lively punters having a good time together, particularly during the peak of bingo halls in the mid-to-late twentieth century.  

So, being able to engage with your fellow players is bound to enhance the bingo experience. As you count down your numbers and anticipate that jackpot drawing ever closer, it is exciting to know there are many other players watching the same screen.

Here are some of the most used online free bingo games download lingo phrases that may come in handy as you chat to your fellow players:

1TG/2TG – One to go or two to go. This is a common one in a live bingo setting so naturally pops up a lot in online bingo lingo as well. It is always exciting when the final number draws tantalisingly close – let everyone know you are nearly there!

GLA – Good luck all. Show some courtesy at the start of the game and wish people luck (even if you are really out for yourself!)

GG – Good game! Always good to keep things polite even once a winner has been crowned at the end. Sometimes when a game or jackpot is just that bit juicier it will feel like a particularly memorable game.

JP – Jackpot. Jackpots vary across different bingo rooms, with a number of mouth-watering prizes up for grabs here at Umbingo. You will naturally want to discuss what’s on offer with your fellow players, so this one will come in handy.

LOL – Laughing out loud. A more generic acronym that will surely come in handy – there are always some laughs along the way with bingo!

OAR – On a roll. There’s no better feeling than getting a bit of momentum going and crossing off a few numbers in a row. Let your companions know that you are steaming towards victory!

SMH – Shaking my head. Sometimes things don’t go to plan. If you just miss out on a win, you’d be forgiven for wanting to let people know you’re a little disappointed!

TY – Thank you. Useful for if someone lends you some info or a tip.

UL – Unlucky. Have some compassion for those who missed out on the prize this time.

YAW – You’re a winner! Great stuff, it’s always nice to congratulate people.

YW – You’re welcome. Chuck one of these back at TY.

Traditional Bingo Lingo

Of course, bingo lingo predates the Internet and has always been an essential part of the live bingo experience. Lingo for bingo in live halls uses some of the above phrases, but most instead centre around the bingo numbers themselves.

Bingo callers shout these out alongside the numbers to keep the crowd smiling while they tick off their numbers. Here are a few of the most popular bingo lingo number calls your gran will certainly be familiar with.

1 – Kelly’s Eye – Military slang which could be a reference to Australian bushranger Ned Kelly and his armour. Alternatively, some believe this references the boy’s comic book Valiant and Kelly’s magic amulet which looks like an eye.

20 – Getting Plenty – A bit cheeky and a standard rhyme between twenty and plenty.

28 – In a state – Cockney rhyming slang pops up frequently in bingo lingo.

67 – Stairway to Heaven – A nice rhyme and a reference to the Led Zeppelin track.

Now you are ready to go and play some online bingo and slots games. Get signed up here at Umbingo to take advantage of our Welcome Offer before diving into the action!