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Best Bingo Variations to Play Online Now

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You can view best bingo here, although we know it is a subjective subject, due to the fact there are so many exciting variations of the game. Of course, players aim to get different things out of the bingo experience; some are keen to play free bingo no deposit games, whereas others want bingo games with big prizes. The range of bingo variations on offer has resulted from the broad geographic history of the game. Although bingo is a simple game largely consistent across the globe, there are countless small differences throughout different versions which help to make each one unique. Here we will discuss some of the most popular bingo games and some more obscure variations you may not be aware of.

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Best Online Bingo Games

The most popular free bingo no deposit games out there, whether they are free bingo or real money bingo, tend to be found online. As online bingo has surged in popularity over the last decade, host sites have naturally adopted the classic variations of the game in addition to taking on a few new incarnations of bingo. As a result, the best online bingo sites do a great job in continuing the legacy of traditional bingo hall bingo, which has declined in recent decades. So, what are the classics you can enjoy at Umbingo?

#1 90-Ball Bingo

90-Ball Bingo is the traditional variation played by the British and has a long history. Peaking in fervour in the mid-to-late 20th century, 90-Ball is thought of fondly in the UK and continues to be one of the most popular online bingo games. At Umbingo, it is one of the most played versions and like the others, comes with various themes and jackpots, such as The Jackpot Room and Mega Bingo Millions £10 Jackpot. A 9x3 ticket is used consisting of numbers and some blank squares. Traditionally, when played offline, a series of bingo lingo phrases are shouted out by the bingo caller along with each number. Online, this tradition is often continued in the bustling chat rooms. 90-Ball players are typically looking initially for one line of numbers, then two, then a full house. However, there are variations within this particular style itself; for instance, sometimes the four corner squares are claimed first. Furthermore, in New Zealand 90-Ball, players sometimes win prizes for a third line being claimed.

#2 75-Ball Bingo

75-Ball Bingo is another of the most popular bingo games. Like 90-Ball, it came to prominence in live settings in the previous century but has come to be one of the best online bingo formats. 75-Ball, however, is mostly prominent in the US. Indeed, the Stars ‘b’ Stripes edition at Umbingo pays homage to the roots of this particular game. The stylising of the bingo ticket is recognisably different to other styles, as it uses a 5x5 grid with a free or wild space in the middle. The significance of the free space relates directly to the elusive winning formula of this game. Rather than stuffy old one-line, two-line combos, the Americans blew us out the water by bringing in funky patterns to hunt for on the bingo card. At the start of each game, a winning pattern is announced that players will be looking for on their ticket as they mark numbers off as they are called out. These patterns are often very abstract and can even include animals like snakes and elephants. So, if you want to shake things up with an exciting, ever-changing bingo game, give 75-Ball a try today.

Alternate Bingo Games

As we have seen, because online bingo games are inherently both fun and easy to pick up, a variety of formats have emerged over the years. And while online bingo reigns supreme, offline bingo played at home or in public spaces still lives on, with an array of different bingo games emerging over the years. Some formats are quite obscure but are nonetheless great fun to play with friends. You never know, they may just make their way into the online sphere soon.

#1 Death Bingo

Known by a variety of different names, Death Bingo is an inverted bingo game; everything you thought you knew about bingo is a lie! Of course, typically players are in a race to mark off as many of their numbers as they can, with the winner being the one who completes a certain pattern first. In this inverted version, however, players are eliminated as they reach bingo. That is, once all your numbers have been called out, you are out the game. The winner is therefore the won who can stay in the longest with some of their numbers remaining. Purists will say it goes against everything bingo is about, but others say it’s a thrilling spin on an old classic.

#2 Buzzword Bingo

An even bigger twist on bingo games is to take numbers out of the equation entirely. In their place, Buzzword Bingo uses buzzwords that are expected to be heard in a particular speech. Indeed, John McCain Buzzword Bingo was popular during the 2008 presidential election, featuring words and phrases such as ‘veterans’, ‘job creation’, and ‘earmark’. With players listening in, they would then cross off their chosen buzzwords as they heard them, with winners crowned in the same way as in normal bingo games. Buzzword Bingo is great because it is wholly versatile, it can be played when listening to or watching any major live event, or even just a regular TV episode. This not only uses the legendary bingo format to create an entertaining game amongst friends but is a great way to poke fun at notable celebrities whose jargon may be a little predictable or clichéd.

Remember that the best online bingo games are just a click away at Umbingo, so you can enjoy the best of online and offline bingo and all the entertaining variations that come with it. if you don't like any of the above games, follow this link for online slot games