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Best Bingo Games to Play at Online Sites

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The best bingo online comes in many forms. At Umbingo, you can rest assured that you are covered with the most coveted bingo free no deposit games out there. Not all bingo sites host a good variety of games, which is why it is important to take time to consider which site you play with. At Umbingo, there is not only a good selection of bingo formats, but within each format there are different themes and jackpots to keep things interesting. That means that even if you just prefer to play one style of bingo every time, you can still mix up the theme and jackpot that you play with. There are a whole bunch out of bingo games out there, due to the long history of bingo, with different variations popping up in different parts of the world, now brought together in the online sphere. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best online bingo games that you can play today.

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90-Ball Bingo Game

90-Ball Bingo is the bingo game that UK players will recognise most. Picture your gran down the bingo hall in the ‘80s flapping her bingo wings and excitedly yelling ‘Bingo!’ when she hit the jackpot. Her fervour lives on in you as you don these 9x3 bingo tickets. Made a little easier these days with the auto-dab feature, the fundamentals are the same. You are looking for a single line or four corners first, then two lines, and then finally the full house, which creates the biggest roar and the largest jackpot. At Umbingo, you are not stuck with one type of 90-Ball Bingo, as you can play a number of variants.

First of all, there are numerous jackpot types amongst 90-Ball games. The Bingo Millions Instant game here at Umbingo is a big hit for its astonishing £1 million total jackpot. Other games work on a progressive jackpot basis, this means that the more players play, the more the jackpot grows as their entry money contributes to the total prize. Other games also use a jackpot that grows the longer the game goes on, while some rollover to the next week if no winners are found within a certain number of calls. As well as daily bingo games there are other variants of the 90-Ball format like Clockwork, which uses times on a clock instead of numbers.

75-Ball Bingogames

75-Ball Bingo is the version that Americans will call home. It uses a bingo ticket consisting of a 5x5 grid packed with numbers, aside from the free space in the middle which mixes things up. Winning combinations are a lot more fluid, including rows of numbers in any direction and even using abstract patterns. These patterns are created by crossing off the numbers on your ticket that are called out. Indeed, the wild space in the middle can form part of any winning pattern. There are 24 numbers on the card which makes it a fairly long game, so if you are keen to get stuck in to locating some complex patterns which pack some juicy rewards, you are in the right place.

80-Ball Bingo Game

80-Ball Bingo is another bingo variant that is in hot demand at Umbingo. With mouth-watering £1 million jackpots in the Bingo Millions Instant game and funky themes in the Boombox edition, 80-Ball Bingo does not disappoint. This bingo game uses a 4x4 grid akin to 75-Ball but without the wild/free space in the centre. The winning lines are a little fruitier than the traditional 90-Ball, as players are often win by making vertical and diagonal lines in addition to the standard horizontal. The 80-Ball Bingo cards are known for being colourful; there are no restrictions as this game came to prominence online. With 16 numbers on a card it is a medium-length game, perfect for venturing closer to the US-style format if you fancy a change.

36-Ball Bingo Games

36-Ball Bingo is a newer bingo game which is known for being fast paced. It is typically played as a real money game but can be found online as a free bingo no deposit game. One popular variant of 36-Ball Bingo is Playtech’s Cash Cubes game. Players race to cross off 12 numbers as they are called. Of course, as there are only 36 balls in the game, the pace is fast with this one. The numbers are arranged in squares and when a square of numbers is all ticked off, it smashes, and a cube emerges. The first to claim all four cubes is the winner. There are numerous other styles of 36-Ball Bingo but ultimately all provide an energetic and exciting game. If you are looking for something different from your usually bingo experience, then it could be perfect for you.

30-Ball Bingogames

Another bingo game known for being fast-paced is 30-Ball Bingo. Unlike 36-Ball however, its number cards takes the form of more familiar bingo games such as 75-Ball bingo, in that they are arranged in a single square. 30-Ball Bingo, however, offers players tickets of just nine numbers at a time, arranged in a 3x3 format. Due to using fewer numbers, it is naturally a fast game as players go straight for the full house as opposed to playing for several different jackpots within the same game. So, if you are simply looking for something new, or specifically want to play a bingo game that does not drag on for too long, then 30-Ball Bingo will not disappoint.

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