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90 Ball Jackpot Bingo Games

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Bingo has been around in some shape or form since the 16th century, bringing joy to large swathes of people worldwide. These days, 90-ball jackpot bingo games are prevalent on sites like our very own Umbingo. Online bingo has overtaken land-based bingo for popularity in the 21st century, and 90-ball jackpot bingo games are a massive reason why.

Bringing players all the excitement of traditional bingo via the Internet, there are several types of 90-ball jackpot bingo games available at the moment. However, before we delve further into the topic of 90-ball jackpot bingo games, remember you can claim up to 500 free spins on selected slots as a first-time Umbingo player. Just deposit a minimum of £10 to qualify (Full Ts & Cs Apply).

Players can often be fooled into thinking that 90-ball jackpot bingo games are easy or too simple. However, this certainly isn’t the case. Read on for a look at 90-ball jackpot bingo games, different jackpot types and the best way forward for winning. Read more below or play bingo now.  

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What are jackpot bingo games?

Right, first and foremost, what are 90-ball jackpot bingo games. There is no trick here because 90-ball jackpot bingo games are exactly what they say on the tin. There are 90 balls waiting to be drawn here, and players have a 3x9 scorecard with 15 numbers that need to be crossed off. So be the first to cross lines off to hit the bingo games’ jackpot.

Indeed, using the classic 90-ball bingo framework, 90-ball jackpot bingo games are notable because of their jackpots. These prizes can come in several different categories. However, broadly speaking, 90-ball jackpot bingo game is terminology that can be used across the board.

Different 90-ball bingo jackpot types

Before we look at how to play 90-ball bingo jackpot games, let’s focus on a few of the different jackpot types to be aware of. After all, the most exciting thing about online bingo is the opportunity to win big. So here are a few types of 90-ball bingo jackpot types:

  • Fixed 90-ball bingo jackpot: Fixed 90-ball bingo jackpots are the most straightforward. As you can imagine from its name, a fixed 90-ball bingo jackpot is a set amount of cash. Players will often find that fixed 90-ball bingo jackpots are larger at busier periods, something to bear in mind when formulating a 90-ball bingo strategy.
  • Progressive 90-ball bingo jackpot: The concept of progressive jackpots will be especially exciting for online slot fans, where games like Mega Moolah have demonstrated how much money players can win via these jackpots. A progressive 90-ball bingo jackpot keeps growing in size until somebody wins it. Progressive 90-ball bingo jackpots can roll over, subsequently leading to potentially huge prizes.
  • Community 90-ball bingo jackpot: An increased number of community 90-ball bingo jackpots are being offered over the last decade, especially in the online bingo sphere. With community 90-ball bingo jackpots, there can be one ultimate winner, but everybody else in the game will receive a small cut of the prize pot.
  • Escalator 90-ball bingo jackpot: Online bingo providers have been experimenting with a new escalator 90-ball bingo jackpot over the last few years. This is similar to a progressive 90-ball bingo jackpot. However, the prize amount increases over a more extended amount of time. As a result, escalator 90-ball bingo jackpots are typically offered to people in a game room over a month.
  • Tiered 90-ball bingo jackpot: Many 90-ball bingo jackpots also come in different tiers. For example, there will be a smaller jackpot for the first player to knock one line off.

How to play 90-ball jackpot bingo games

One of the main reasons 90-ball jackpot bingo games have become so popular over the years is because of the straightforward gameplay. At Umbingo, most of our customers don’t need to know anything special about bingo to get playing, mainly because most of us have played a version of bingo at school whilst growing up.

Nonetheless, if you want to win the huge prizes obtained from 90-ball jackpot bingo games, you will need to have a tight grasp of how to play. Look below for a step-by-step overview of how to play 90-ball jackpot bingo games:

  1. First things first, where to play? We’re slightly biased but playing 90-ball jackpot bingo games at Umbingo is a great idea. You get to enjoy our incredible catalogue of bingo games and up to 500 free spins on selected slots as a first-time customer when depositing £10 or more (Full Ts & Cs Apply).
  2. After choosing where to play, the next step is to buy a ticket. Each 3x9 90-ball bingo scorecard comes with 15 numbers. You will find that 90-ball bingo scorecards are generally sold in multiples of 6, as each one of these “strips” will feature every number from 1-90. It is ultimately up to you how many you purchase.
  3. Once you have bought your desired number of 90-ball bingo scorecards, the game can commence. With online 90-ball jackpot bingo games, players will have to wait in a lobby before the game starts and numbers begin to be called.
  4. Listen very closely to the numbers being called. Every time a number is called that appears on your scorecard, cross it off. In some 90-ball jackpot bingo games, there will be smaller jackpot tiers for players who cross one and two lines off first. However, the main bingo jackpot will always go to the first to cross off their complete scorecard.

Those are the basics of how to play 90-ball jackpot bingo games. Press ‘Play Now’ to get a feel for yourself.

Best tips to play and win at 90-ball bingo

Learning how to play 90-ball jackpot bingo is one thing. However, something far more important is learning how to win at 90-ball jackpot bingo games. As ever, there is no sure-fire way to keep winning, but taking a few of these tips on board can help:

  • Scorecards: It is commonly accepted in the online bingo world that the more scorecards you have, the better your odds of winning. As a result, buying more 90-ball jackpot bingo scorecards can increase your chances of picking up a win. Just make sure you can still keep track of them.
  • Stay concentrating: It sounds straightforward, but simply making sure you are 100% concentrated whilst playing 90-ball jackpot bingo is an easy way to give yourself more chance of success. Playing whilst tired can lead to missed number calls, which ultimately is a waste of money.
  • Know the rules: Although the general 90-ball jackpot bingo rules are straightforward and universally similar, there can be nuances in each type of 90-ball jackpot bingo game. Therefore, a simple way of increasing your chances of success is knowing the rules of the particular variant you are playing inside and out.

A few of the best jackpot bingo games

Here are a few of the best 90-ball jackpot bingo games available on our wicked site for you to sink your teeth into:

Friday Fun

Played every Friday at 8 pm, players can win as much as £2,500 during Friday Fun. This momentously popular 90-ball jackpot bingo game uses the standard rules. However, it is adored by players because of its huge community feel.

Super Heavy Weight Jackpot 90-Ball Bingo

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the prizes up for grabs during Super Heavy Weight Jackpot 90 Ball Bingo have the potential to be stratospheric. This version of 90 ball jackpot bingo has a progressive jackpot that increases with the number of players in the lobby.

Bingo Millions 90-Ball Instant

Bingo Millions 90-Ball Instant also has a progressive jackpot. However, this time around, for players to obtain it, they have to make 65 separate calls. This is very difficult, so most players don’t walk away with the full £1,500,000 prize. You never know when it could be you, though.

Jackpot Bingo Sites

There are plenty of places to play 90-ball jackpot bingo games, but at Umbingo, we genuinely believe we are the best. This is because of our secure site, a massive range of games and very generous welcome offer. Here is how to sign-up:

  1. Input your personal data into the empty fields on the Umbingo application form.
  2. Look out for an email with a validation link inside. Use this to verify your email address.
  3. Deposit a minimum of £10 to qualify for the Umbingo welcome offer. This can reward up to 500 free spins on selected bingo slots.

*Any Free Spins/Welcome Bonuses References are subject to the following: NEW PLAYERS ONLY, MIN DEPOSIT £10, MAX BONUS EQUAL TO LIFETIME DEPOSITS (UP TO £250), 65X WAGERING REQUIREMENTS AND FULL T&CS APPLY.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.